Tuesday, February 20, 2018


So Taxcinda and the Drunken Dwarf were so engaged in affairs of state over the last little while that they didn't notice the extra $21,000 paid into their accounts being accommodation allowances they weren't entitled to after having moved into ministerial housing.

I'm prepared to cut Taxcinda some slack but for the DD ... once is annoying; twice in six months and you have to start to wonder.

One thing for sure.   Most 'normal' people would have noticed the error straight up.


Psycho Milt said...

So Taxcinda and the Drunken Dwarf were so engaged in affairs of state over the last little while that they didn't notice the extra $21,000 paid into their accounts...

I'm paid a fraction of what they are and I haven't looked at my bank account for weeks, let alone been through my pay slip analysing what's on it. Last time I did that would be years ago.

Still, if it were to turn out that they had their lawyers arrange their affairs so they could claim accommodation allowance they weren't entitled to and then refused to pay it back until they were made to, like a certain ex-leader of the Opposition did, that would certainly be pretty low.

Anonymous said...

Six years ago I missed £14,000 placed by mistake into my holding account for exactly the same reason as Milt suggested. I rarely look at that account and it was a phone call from the bank that alerted me.
Digging dirt on Govt. personalities seems to be the way of the future but surely would it not be better to wait for something of substance instead of sniping at stuff that is so minor it's hardly worth considering and be considered by some as being petty?

Lord Egbut

Gerald said...


Both errors in payment?

Noel said...

Were they not alerted by DIA of the error then immediately paid it back?
What's the problem?

The Veteran said...

PM, Egbut, Gerald ... sauce for the goose etc. Your selective morality sez much.

Yep, Bill English got it wrong ... and paid the money back. Taxcinda and the DD got it wrong (him for the second time in six months) and paid the money back. Spot the diff ... I can't.

I repeat ... sauce for the goose.

p.s. The accommodation allowance shows up as a separate line item on members pay slips.

gravedodger said...

Mr English had advice his claim was within the rules.
It was a part of his remuneration package.
The melons squeeze every rort and dollar out of the system to perpetrate their grasp on a place at the trough.
Including leaving carbon footprints galore to attend an envelope opening in some exotic place where their attendance has no impact at all.

Of course it is a great fit that the total disconnect leaves people overpaid unaware of a little bit too much in their account.
Many of those forced to contribute unwillingly know instinctively they have been robbed.

Gerald said...

Nothing selective at all.
One error in advice one error in payment pointed out by DIA, both returned to the taxpayer.
So why the issue with the latest?

Psycho Milt said...

Spot the diff ... I can't.

Then allow me to assist. Ardern and Peters were overpaid due to a mistake by Parliamentary Services staff. English was overpaid because he arranged a trust to take over ownership of his Wellington property and falsely declared he lived in Dipton, Southland, so he could pretend to be within the rules for the accommodation supplement.

Ardern and Peters returned their overpayment immediately when it was discovered. English rejected repaying the money until arm-twisted by his boss for making the party look bad.

Those are not minor differences.

Psycho Milt said...

Mr English had advice his claim was within the rules.

After his lawyer had helped him arrange things so his claim could be made to look like it was within the rules, sure. The guy had probably been taking lessons from Ken Whitney, John Key's lawyer, who once said of setting up sham trusts to get around applicable rules: "It's a common thing for people to do. It may not be morally as white as it could be but it's normal practice."

The Veteran said...

Heh Milt ... explaining is losing. Stop losing. English and now Ardern and Peters were all overpaid accommodation allowances. That's the reality of the situation. They all paid it back when alerted to the situation. That too is the reality of the situation.

We are expected to be kind to Ardern and Peters but not so with English.

Some might say double standards in play here.

But do keep the story in play. To the great unwashed there's no smoke without fire and just a tad of incredulity when a person doesn't notice when an unexpected windfall ends up in ones bank.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for your conclusive evidence Arden and Peters were aware they had been incorrectly paid.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


A bit of a Freudian slip there.

Did you know the Battle of the Bulge started in the Arden ne forest?

Is NZ's next election going to be the Battle of the Bulge? (By then she'll be working on number two.)

Gerald said...

Living up to your "Chief Troll on No Minister" title eh Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is the mark of a true coward to get him/her/itself banned for noxious behaviour on one blog only to continue on someone else's blog.

Clearly Gerald doesn't know where the Ardenne is or who Freud was. All he has is a few inane, meaningless one liners.

Today's effort helps him join the other idiots like Ledgut and Te Kauwhaka.

The Veteran said...

Anon 5.22 ... we are expected to believe that Taxcinda and the DD didn't look at their salary payslips. Go pull the other one. But, as I said, lets keep this story rolling on ... please.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the Arden Forest is either..But I do know where the Hurtgen forest is in the Ardennes.

Like Andrei you are geographically challenged.....must be a troll trait.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

... explaining is losing.

In the Slater/Lusk dirty-politics playbook, sure. Out in the less-poisonous environment occupied by people with a functioning moral compass, the difference between being affected by someone else's mistake and having taken part in a deliberate rort does actually count for something.

But do keep the story in play.

Oh, I'm happy to refer to Bill English ripping off the country's taxpayers for tens of thousands of dollars as often as needed. After all, it featured that favourite saying of members of the Key administration: "It was within the rules."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm not surprised you don't know where the Ardenne Forest is, Ledgut. If you have a quick look at Wiki you will find the rest of the world does know.

Anonymous said...

should be " I believe that Taxcinda and the DD didn't look at their salary payslips. Go pull the other one."
Until you produce evidence it's simply a presumption.
Keep dancing.