Sunday, February 11, 2018


There was a very good piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday profiling Labor Senator Penny Wong and the fact she will likely become Australia's Foreign Minister should Labor win power come the next Federal election.     You can read it here

Have to say she comes across as someone well suited to the job despite her membership of the 'left' faction of the ALP.

Her intellect; her strong commitment to free-trade; her understanding of the importance of the OZ/US relationship; her commitment to the further strengthening of relationships with ASEAN countries and her understanding of the need for a rules-based system as fundamental to global security is encouraging.

You contrast all that with our own Foreign Minister's anti-free trade protectionist views; his antipathy towards China; his preparedness to do deals with Russia and the fact that his thinking is locked in a 1970s-80s time warp and I think I know who I would be more comfortable with.

p.s.   It is reported that Oz Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was hosted by WRP to a rollicking good party at Waiheke during her visit here.   Well Peters, as a party animal, is good at rollicking good parties.


Anonymous said...

Mentioning Peters by name.
No whiskey sodden pin striped dwarf or similar?

pdm said...

` Well Peters, as a party animal, is good at rollicking good parties.'

Probably even more so when he is using taxpayers money to pay for it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh what a sight to see.

The Pin Striped Dwarf rollicking with The Stick Insect.

Paulus said...

Peters also hosted a secret meeting, at his partners house,in Auckland, St Mary's Bay, between Cinderella, in her bedroom slippers, and Julie Bishop.
It was meant to be secret but Cinderella could not go withiout a photoshoot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Penny Wong is living testament to the superhuman powers of South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill.

After being shacked up with the soon to be Premier for three year or so, she left him and became a lesbian.

He's had the same effect on the whole of South Australia.

Anonymous said...

Must be Sunday. No news so we have to resort to childish name calling. I have a radical idea, why not replace the names on a ballot paper with body photographs and then we can vote for the body shape that offends us the least........who needs policies?

Lord Egbut