Tuesday, February 13, 2018

National's next leader

The new leader has to have two fundamental qualities: A female, and capable of being Prime Minister.

That leaves three options, Collins, Kaye and Adams.

Personally I think it's a no-brainer.  It's either Collins or Kaye.  I'm not sure Kaye can debate well enough to beat Ardern or Peters.  Collins certainly can.

Well, there we go then.  Decision made.

What's for dinner?


paul scott said...

good >> I might be able to vote national again.

Andrei said...

"The new leader has to have two fundamental qualities: A female, and capable of being Prime Minister."

So National is proving its Godless leftoid credentials by succombing to identity politics

How very Sad!!!

pdm said...

I would rate those three - Collins, Adams close with Kaye a distant 3rd.

The Veteran said...

Nick ... if I were Collins I would be doing a deal with Bridges or Mitchell. Lets run as a team with you as my Deputy and if we win the next election I'll serve a term and step down; lose and I'll step down and give you a clear run.

Paul Scott ... welcome back. The scales appear to have fallen from your eyes ... your luv affair with Winston now a messy divorce.

Anonymous said...

The present Govt. is good for two terms providing they don't make monumental a fuck up. If Collins gets the nod then I would expect labour to to serve three terms. The unknown is that the world is heading for an "economic re-adjustment". That means a recession to simple folk like me. Of course whatever the colour of the Govt. the one on seat gets the blame but also takes the credit for what went before.

Quite simply, the New Zealand Public have never taken to JC as she has never appeared to be a woman of the people. It is the same reason Peters is mistrusted...but he is sneakier.

Lord Egbut

David said...

So National is proving its Godless leftoid (sic) credentials by succombing (sic) to identity politics

Of course, Andrei would prefer his form of identity politics where all politicians are male, Orthodox, women haters and women would be confined to the home, barefoot and pregnant, making Andrei some pie.

Andrei, in case you hadn't noticed, we have killed your pathetic tin pot gods. The adults are now in charge, no myths needed.

pdm said...

`The present Govt. is good for two terms providing they don't make monumental a fuck up'

They are doing a good job of appearing united to date but I think the cracks will appear and grow when Winston takes over as Actng Leader for the weeks that Ardern is on maternity absence. His ego will disenfranchise the Greens and rile many in the Labour caucus.

The initial damage will be done and from what I have seen of her Ardern will not have the strength of character to repair the harm he will do.

Andrei said...

"Andrei, in case you hadn't noticed, we have killed your pathetic tin pot gods. The adults are now in charge, no myths needed"


If the behaviour of our political class is considered to be "adult" we are in a sorry state indeed

If Nick had said "The new leader has to have a fundamental quality: Capable of being Prime Minister." or perhaps more sensibly The new leader has to have two fundamental qualities: Good leadership skills, and capable of being Prime Minister." then all would be well.

If I said the new leader should be Orthodox or Christian, you'ld jump down my throat but I never said any such thing.

But Nick did say without justifiying as to why that the next National Party Parliamentary leader should be "female", in other words he believes having a dick is a disqualifying characteristic...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It's an academic argument. It just so happens that the best candidate happen to be, in my opinion, a woman.

Legbut's arguments against Judith Collins are ridiculous. Clearly he has picked someone else - yet another in his long line of losing causes.

Paranormal said...

Legbut, Labour will only be able to go a second term if Peters keeps his vote up. I can see him slipping below 5% again in 2020. Those who supported him believing he was going to keep national honest meant something different will punish him.

Government is death by a thousand cuts. Clark's and then Key's first terms appeared to be honeymoon runs. By contrast it seems Jacinda's honeymoon may be over sooner than she expected. Whilst Waitangi went well for her a lot of other areas seem to be buckling. The opposition will hammer them over failed promises - trees, charters etc.

With a team so devoid of any real shining talent, 2020 could well be another very interesting election. Will the Maori Party come back? Will Act live up to their promise? Will the Greens pick up their vote or will three years in government jade their more radical supporters?

Looks like we're living the Chinese curse....

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... if you believe that Collins has little connect with the people then how do you explain her cast iron grip on Papakura which, by any measure, should be a Labour seat.

The reality is that Labour is so shit scared of her that they have been reduced to running 'also ran' candidates for the last three elections. Quality candidates need not apply.

Stuart Nash on Newstalk ZB said he picked Bridges to win. Labour's annointing of him will be a negative ... you annoint people you think you can beat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"....you anoint people you think you can beat."

Right on the button Vet.

All Simon Bridges is remembered for is all those bridges in Northland which led to the loss of the seat to **************.

Shelldrake said...

Campaign plan. The government is not Labour alone. They might be the main body but the flank guards are Greens and NZ First. The are weak links. Attack the flanks and expose the main body.

Weakest link is Peters, he leads what is essentially a one man band with a collection of sycophants and court jesters. Launch a surgical strike on Peters who is already weakened on the battlefield (Polls). Keep up the pressure on him. Mount a containment op on the Greens and expose the soft belly of Labour. It won't be pretty but this is not a united government and certainly not when the heat goes on.

Who can manage this?


pdm said...

Shelldrake there is a lot of weakness in Labour too.

Davis and Willie Jackson must have had the true leadership, including the union masters, shuddering with their inept showings at Question Time today. Curran has failed miserably under scrutiny in the past as well.

Shelldrake said...

Keep asking them difficult questions. I.e. harassing fire. Irregular timing and random targets.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to warm to young Judith. She has now said the tax cut promises of Key/English are to be reviewed.

"I don't know that that is the biggest thing people want, actually. I think people want some very sensible expenditure, but better than that, outcomes in some of the areas they are missing out on."

Seems she must have been reading my comments on greed over infrastructure. No doubt Veteran and the sock puppet will burn up the keyboard giving her the same amount of stick that they gave PM Ardern when she had the temerity to say exactly that.

Schadenfruede can be quite stimulating at times.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's a pretty good bet that Judith Collins does not read the comments of a lame brained loon from La Rochelle.

Anonymous said...

Please let it be JC. She will expose Ardern for the utter lightweight that she is, and not be shot down at the same time. She is intelligent, has depth and substance, and most of all, mongrel. Adams is not right for leader, and Bridges mangles his vowels, is seen as smarmy and too ambitious/arrogant. Needs to be a woman in the role, to take the fight to the princess. Sad, but true. Anyway, Collins has grit, nothing to do with gender. She says what she thinks, how refreshing, and she has the smarts that Ardern lacks. Go Judith.


Anonymous said...

But, but, the tax cuts off the table DLT. The ones you were so adamant were the result of a light weight socialist. Remember, the same taxes that you railed against with your usual penchant for insults for anyone who disagreed.

This is now your big moment to put Collins right on the subject.....don't let us down, we are looking at you to set an example of unwavering leadership.....go for it, just like your stand on Google etc.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Judith Collins ought be/must be the next Leader of the Opposition...thence to being the next Prime Minister. She has the brains/fortitude and guts to utterly demolish what purports to be a government in this country. When she "takes out the trash" she can throw Winston and his absurd party on to the top of the smelly consignment.


Paranormal said...

The real problem standing in the way of National being the next government is who will their coalition partner be?

Any leader of the Nats has got to be able to form relationships with other parties to form a government. I'm not sure if any of them have that ability. Collins may have the personality to do it, but will other parties warm to her?

Psycho Milt said...

I don't believe they're thinking in terms of coalition partners. As DPF pointed out a while back, National's best bet is to try and drive the minor parties' support below 5% so that their votes are redistributed to National and Labour. If they could succeed with that, they could govern with ACT on the mid-40s support they have now.

Driving the minor parties' support below 5% would require a major dirty-politics operation. Hmmm. Who ya gonna call? Well, there's really only one candidate, isn't there?

The Veteran said...

You mean the Labour Party apparatchiks who leaked the Chris Bishop non story?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your good friend Winston Peters appears to be doing a pretty good job of it.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: it's a bold commentator who writes off Winston Peters. It is do-able though, NZF has been out of Parliament twice before - which is why the dirty-politics strategy is a contender. It'd be a bit harder to push the Greens below 5% though - their supporters are generally a lot further up the IQ bell curve than Winston's.

Veteran: those awful Labour apparatchiks with an interest in factional in-fighting over the National Party leadership? Labour should stop paying those apparatchiks...