Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Yesterday Question Time Q11 to Minister of Maori Affairs, one Nanaia Mahuta from Jamie Lee Ross.
Ross began with a Point of Order asking his question be held over until the Minister was available with one hell of a sledge
"Mr Speaker I seek leave to hold my question over until The Minister is able to come to the house from witness protection?

The Duck had a wee moment, took the dumb bastard a significant pause before he realised Ross had hit it out of the park, then  he woke up and  asked Ross to rephrase his seeking of leave.

So many of the clearly overworked and out of their depth Ministers are using this ploy to avoid what they know will not end well and Mallard is being very supportive.

The newly elevated went on and on that Carter was biased
Mallard is the worst in my lifetime by the home straight, he even manages to make 'screaming banshee'  Wilson and the totally incompetent Gerald Wall look almost adequate.

Nice one Jamie.


Pete said...

Yep, have watched enough hours of the House to understand when the Speaker is struggling to catch up. This was a masterful Point of Order, complete with sledge against the absent Minister. Right on target. Well done Jamie Lee Ross.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever witnessed such a narcissistic display than that of Mallard for 5 minutes pimping up his 90 minutes of fame each day before Parliament sits? Telling us all how he will run the country with his incite-full interpretations and cutting wit. Closely followed by his rambling and stilted wrecking of the Maori language as he 'manfully' stumbles through his word-by-word sounding out and mispronunciation of the Parliamentary prayer. What a stupendous and unprecedented virtual signalling twat he is - competition for Trudeau as the biggest cock in world government.

Correct - I think he is a wanker of the highest order.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't hold back there, Marc. Tell us what you REALLY think of him.

In my humble opinion, he wouldn't even make it as dog tucker. Even an Abo's dog would turn up its nose.

Snowflake said...

ROFL. You guys are so butt hurt aren’t you? You’re really going to find the next 8 years challenging.

Anonymous said...

MarcW....I'm sure that English is not your first language.

At least we have an opposition unlike Russia which is a one party state run by financial gangsters.

Lord Egbut

George said...

What eight years Snowflake ??
Now, were we Americans you'd have a point..
But we are NZers and our electoral cycle is 3 years.
And Mallard is a disaster and is getting the urine extracted at every session and from all parties and directions even Labour

Shelldrake said...

A read of Mallads bio/CV tells just how unsuitable he is to hold the highest parliamentary office. A crass stupid man. By the way he has no control over Peters. What a couple of oafs who have no ability to exercise any power over us.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

George, the poor fool can't even speak English.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand his arrogant intro's either, so full of himself!!
He is now taking away Seymour's only question away, every week.
So unsure of himself almost all of the time!