Saturday, February 17, 2018

It has to be Judith

For the simple reason

If Jacinda is stardust

Judith is concrete


Judge Holden said...

A grey, ugly and uninspiring building material whose production causes major environmental damage? Is that the best you have? Good for beating your head against I suppose, but not sure that’s a quality you want in your leaders.

Lou said...

Actually concrete is one of mankind's greatest discoveries.
Has been at the foundation of every great human civilisation since the Romans.

Would rather live in a concrete house than one made of stardust
At least it is real.

After Jacinda has made her long march through our economy then you will know the true value of stardust

Judge Holden said...

Whatever. She wouldn’t be functional though, and that’s concrete’s main virtue. Basically your analogy sucks, Lou. Try harder, buddy.