Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The news that Fairfax is to close or try and sell 28 newspapers it owns in New Zealand begs the obvious question as to whether there will be any print media other than the four 'big' (and shedding customers by the day) metropolitan daily newspapers left in the country ten years out.

For myself and I think they're all likely to be going the same way as the cheque book.

For the record the newspapers in question are Avenues, Waikato Farmer, Admire Marlborough, NZ Dairy Farmer, Discover Magazine, Selwyn and Ashburton Outlook, Admire Nelson, Hastings Mail, Christchurch Mail, Napier Mail, The Tribune, Kaikoura Star, Invercargill Eye, Auto Xtra, South Canterbury Herald, Clutha Leader, Waiheke Marketplace, NewsLink, Wairarapa News, Queenstown Mirror, NZ Farmer, Waitaki Herald, Canterbury Farmer, North Waikato News, Central District Farmer, Rotorua Review, Otago Southland Farmer, Ruapehu Press.

Not to worry though.   Even if every newspaper in the country were to fold I'm sure the Gummit would come to the rescue with a broadsheet to be distributed 'free' to every household telling us what the Gummit thinks we ought to know.


Paulus said...

Just the beginning of the end - will make no difference to Fairfax's ultimate demise sooner rather than later

Anonymous said...

Good riddance, It's just all left wing propaganda these days, and Taxinda owes them her very role right now, as does Winnie Poo.


Jacinda's Aunty said...

Veteran, You keep saying Petitio Principii, but it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

The Veteran said...

Ok Jacinda's Aunty ... you tell me what I meant to say.

David said...

Veteran, I believe you were being taken to task for what is becomming a common misuse of the phrase "begging the question".

Begging the question is a logical fallacy. It is akin to when the door knockers tell me that god is real because the bible says so and god wrote the bible.

I believe you meant, and should have written, raises the question.

Misuse of terms such as this is usually a sign of someone wishing to sound more erudite than that which they are. :-)