Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ho Ho Ho

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gravedodger said...

Before the AGW research funding became de jour Cyclone Bola was merely a rogue decaying tropical storm. Not that that fact was of any consolation to Gisborne rural folk who didn't see their land disappearing, they had to deal with whole hillsides moving onto fertile flats from gravity assisted flooding.
Because Cyclone Fehi was accompanied with king tides from the rare lunar events that magnified the onshore wind driven waves, a tropical storm so normal in the Pacific Islands has provided at troughing justification opportunity as rare as that blue blood moon.
The often disaster prone but oh so beautiful on a nice day, SI West Coast, has much of their more intensely settled land on flood plains of rivers on the narrow coastal strip between the Alps and the Tasman Sea.

I have spent nights freedom camping on the Len Warren Reserve just North of and sheltered by the Buller Breakwater. High tide is really just there. Our last stay ended abruptly when daylight arrived after a night of torrential rain and Carters Beach beckoned for a 24hour drying out. Now Carters Beach is under a death sentence.
Rising sea levels my posterior, those waves from the storm surge that has created mayhem were a weather event the eroding waves
were meters higher than the mm the science settled group hugging consensus embraces.
Has mummy in waiting or any of her kindy kids bovvered to inspect yed. Brown nosing at Waitangi is much more attractive eh.