Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hell that was a surprise

I have just heard on a NewstalkZB news bulletin that Winston Peters was the sole nominee for leader of New Zealand First and he was unanimously elected. His election was then greeted with acclamation.


Shelldrake said...

Must be feeling a bit insecure and needs his troops to publicly endorse his leadership and pledge their undying support. They just lover and accept the Waka Jumping bill.

The Veteran said...

I think PDM wuz pulling our pud. They don't have elections for the leadership Winston First. He is God anointed to the 5, 4, 3, 2% ... Winston First demographic. Always wuz, and shall remain so.

Anonymous said...

He is still grandstanding and knocking Bill English in the media. ffs. Bitter, to the very end. Can't wait to see him and his party consigned to the dustheap come 2020, or sooner, forever. Legacy shot to bits, history will be telling.


pdm said...

Vet - I would not make something as earth shattering up.

Definitely heard more than once on NewstalkZB that there was an election and that Winston was the sole nominee for leader. Sole nominee was their phrase not mine.

BTW sounds like the bun fight is yet to come with the deputy leadership ballot next week. Suggestion is Jones will challenge Mark.

Shelldrake said...

Hate to say it but the choice of either Mark or Jones is actually no choice. However, if it is possible, the greater blusterer of the two is Jones. At least Mark is an open book bUT Jones is a devious morally bankrupt poser.

pdm said...

Shelldrake I think the deputy vote will be very straight forward.

Jones and Mark will each get one vote (their own) and the rest of the caucus will then vote for whomever Winston tells them to. Job done.