Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From The Venal To The Banal

Australia is to receive visits over coming weeks from super crook Hillary Clinton

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and super dope Prince Charles.

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Obviously Charles is being brought here by the republican movement in order to encourage Australians to see what an idiot their next king is.

Clinton on the other hand warrants some caution.   Australia should lock down anything that might be stolen, like uranium reserves.  ASIO should make sure there is no secret dirty dossier being composed on the fictional secret lives of Cory Bernadi or Tony Abbott.

No doubt she will consort for a time with Julia Gillard.  The important question then arises, which of them has the fattest arse?


The Veteran said...

'She's coming here too (2 Akl). With tickets ranging from NZD495 down one thing I can guarantee is that I won't be among the Hillary sycophants.

osma raheem. said...
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Anonymous said...

My name is T. Role and because no body likes me I need a shed load of money to boost my self esteem and then I wont be such a bitter person and will commit my life to good works so I receive the love that I know I deserve.

Yours in hope,

T.Role (formerly known as Mike Hunt)

Anonymous said...

Lay off the uranium bullshit. It is ancient history and is fake news... https://www.snopes.com/hillary-clinton-uranium-russia-deal/

It's like putting the boot into Muldoon, time consuming and a waste of space.


Anonymous said...

One thing I'd bet my money on is the amount of taxpayer money that will be going into tickets to hear Clinton tell us how she won but (name your latest conspiracy) stole it from her.


The Veteran said...

3:16 ... I hope you're wrong; I suspect you're right. Dollars to donuts MFAT will be heavily represented led by the DD ... cabinet ministers too.

Anonymous said...

3:16...Hi Andrei, bet you are wrong on that one.

Lord Egbut