Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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gravedodger said...

Can the death of a 5 Kg possum be considered a success, I think so with a Bon Chretien Crop almost ready for the bottles. Got his neice two nights ago, thankyou Mr Timms.

David said...

Cadet Bonespurs wants a bigly parade of 'Merica's huuuge military arsenal. He saw one once, and he liked what he saw and now he wants to emulate Hitler, Stalin, and Kim by playing at the soldier he was too cowardly to become.

Of course, his "base" of slack jawed, flag waving, taco munching deplorables will love it, just as much as he does, thus showing the lack of intellect in 30% of the US population.

This is small government, Trump style. This is slashing the deficit, Trump style. This is consolation for having small, hands, Trump style.

The DC council has said the tanks aren't welcome. There is a reason tanks stay of normal roads, they destroy the bitumen surface, bruit Trump doesn't care, as long as he gets to play tin soldiers and someone else pays to repair the roads.

Waikikamukau News said...

David, I was just reading an article about that and wondering what uniform and how many "medals" Trump will wear on the big gay out.

I recall he was overly enthused with the Bastille Day parade in France, so enthused he thought it was his parade and he "took the salute", something that wasn't done by the French President.

"This parade is surpassingly dumb for any number of reasons both practical and symbolic. It will not only cost millions of dollars, it will divert the participants and planners from their actual jobs defending the country. How many hours of practicing, how many personnel pulled from their duties to handle the logistics, how much in transport costs and cleanup costs and repairs to streets ripped up by tank treads will the whole thing involve?

We don’t know yet. But The Post quotes a source saying: “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.” After all, it’s not like they have anything better to do.

And just who are we trying to impress? Is there any adversary, current or potential, who believes America’s military is weak but would be convinced otherwise by a bunch of troops and materiel traveling up Pennsylvania Avenue?

We all know what the real purpose of a parade is: not to show that the American military is big and strong, but to make Donald Trump feel big and strong. Don’t be surprised to read afterward that Trump had to be talked out of appearing in a military dress uniform complete with decorative medals and a golden sash."

gravedodger said...

Hatred of everything Trump is a powerful thing.
A massive plank of his campaign is Make America great again and if Chippy can destroy the hopes of the rejects that the State schools at a never to be calculated cost in making his union masters happy, it might just be a bit hippycritical to make such comment on POTUS's desire to give a public display of some of the US military.
After all what is the cost benefit of trooping the colour, Queens birthday ceremony on horse guards parade, the military aspect to Harry and his squeeze getting hitched. funny didnt see any tanks in london streets but if ranting with truck loads of hyperbole is therapeutic in treating TDS what's the harm.

Anonymous said...

Tanks and missile launchers etc rolling down Pennsylvania ave is too reminiscent of cold war parades in Red Square to sit comfortably with most Americans. The US military lacks the plumage and tradition to make it a spectacle.

You cannot compare trooping of the Colours with a company of the Alabama National guard.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... and wots more the Brits don't do the Trooping of the Colours with tanks.

Gerald said...

Red square parades
Bastille Day
Trooping of the Colours
etc etc
all have their tradition pinned to some specific event and date.
What will Trump use?