Sunday, February 11, 2018


First the U.S. set out to legislate around relationships between elected representatives and staff that included defence of  sexual  harassment  suits to be paid for by randy Congress members and Senators from their own pockets.
Australia went further and proposed to prohibit such tawdry affairs from happening, good luck with that.

Evolution and Natural instinct has developed some very devious biological drivers to bring about such congress primarily it is suggested, to ensure the perpetration of "Hupersonity".

Yes  red faces can eventuate, not just because such activity can be aerobically demanding but it is Cnut legend  challenging idiocy to think that people will not find attraction, sufficient to lead to coupling of all degrees.  Even up to the very long bow Mr Bill drew in claiming what  happened between himself and an Intern whose frock ended up with something sticky on it.

Poor old Barnaby, he knocks a staffer up and it needs a legislative response,  NZ  tyro PM created at the whim of the master of seven percent ripping  conventions apart, gets knocked up by someone suggested to be her current squeeze, out of wedlock, and the church bells are still ringing.
All the while the true situation of that unconventional political coupling, between a pensioner and the brand new leader of the NZLP,  was apparently consummated after an egg had met a tadpole, a fairy tale that it is decreed  shall remain unpublished  for evermore.
In the meantime NZ voters will live happily ever after.

That people, is how "Fairy tales" are created.

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