Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Democrat Kitchen Rules

The greatest electoral assets the Republicans have for November are House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

If these two went on the "My Kitchen Rules" show, Pelosi would bring along bread crumbs and Schumer would bring sauerkraut.

Ever since the Republicans pushed through President Trump's tax cut legislation the Democrat leaders seem to have excelled at losing.  Their piece de resistance was to sit stone faced and immobile during the SOTU speech and fail to acknowledge the good news for people who would normally vote for them.  (Image shows Pelosi at the SOTU sucking on a Tide pod)

Image result for pelosi SOTU

Then, Pelosi described the $1000.00 bonuses received by millions (yes, that really is millions) of US workers as breadcrumbs.  Some breadcrumbs!  Has she never heard of Marie Antoinette?

Not to be out done, Schumer was forced to back down when Trump and co coined the name 'Schumer Shutdown' for his foolish tactics in the Senate.  Instead of laying blame for the shutdown on the Republicans, he finished up wearing it himself.  He was shown to care more about illegal immigrants than about the families of military personnel.  Absolutely dumb stuff.

As a result of all this, the generic polls which are the best indicator of fortunes for November have narrowed from a 15 point Democrat advantage to just two points.  At the same time, President Trump's approval rating has steadily improved.

No longer does one hear any serious talk of a Democratic Party wave in November.

They've gone all quiet.


Anonymous said...
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Snowflake said...

Yeah sure! I thought the Republicans greatest asset was Trump? You know, the serial sex offender, grifter, incompetent and liar who got shellacked in the popular vote and who is setting unpopularity records with remarkable consistency. That guy. Seen the hair video? A hilarious example of the lengths he will go to to try and con Americans. Yep, the GOP are looking great!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And just to add some spice, in the last couple of hours it has been revealed that one of the self styled 'secret society' within the FBI, who was thrown under a bus by Comey, is singing his head off to - Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

All in good time for the November mid term elections.

Doesn't it all remind you of the mafia of yore?

David said...

Fake news, Adolf. Fake news. No reports from credible sources, no links from you, just your usual MO of lies, obfuscation, and bullshit. No wonder you love you some Trump so much.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not at all David. You'll be hearing quite a bit about one Bill Priestap.

Why don't you look around instead of carrying on with you usual tirade?

Off course, this story is the last thing anything you would call a credible source would print. Their job is to prop up corruption - just like you do.

Snowflake said...

How many more of Trump’s cronies are wife beaters do you think?