Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Nine years of Clark and Cullen ends:-
NZ enters recession a year ahead of the rest of the free world.
Parting gift from a defeated bunch, an over priced train set with an accompanying embedded debt burden.
A bunch of headless chickens searching through the detritus of a party bereft of anyone remotely able to lead the fractured bunch, following an abrupt and never signaled election night resignation.
Employment figures inflated by a large growth spurt in public funded nice to have job creation policies and other options to Job seeker.
Entrenched and growing one size fits all welfare system almost devoid of any oversight or prudent management but firmly on track to perpetuate destruction of self reliance and self worth with hand up memes replaced with entitlement.
Professional practitioners of economic analysis almost to a man suggesting NZ's economy was facing a decade of problems.

Nine Years of Key and English:-
NZ the envy of much of the free world, anticipating more growth and good times for at least a further  two years.
Ironically, the day after defeated Nat Leader announces retirement in two weeks time, an extra windfall of over a billion dollar surplus for the new Government, courtesy of the old one.
Welfare better targeted with many initiatives to move beneficiaries back into paid employment.
Lowest unemployment for decades due largely to jobs created in non government areas.
That same bunch of economic commentators almost as united in predicting at least two more years of favourable internal economic indicators.
A orderly and well signaled National Party leadership change with a choice from several well equipped contenders to be decided.

Which administration would a thinking politician want to score an election win over?
The same one the current rabble have been appointed to follow.


Anonymous said...

Labour have had their feet under the table for five minutes and the economy has crashed already.......Pure speculation combined with crystal ball and navel gazing. Just have the patience to wait and see.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The blog author writes '....predicting at least two more years of favourable internal economic indicators."

The lame brained loon comments, attributing to the blog author 'and the economy has crashed already.'

Anonymous said...

Troll DLT......You probably don't understand's a bit like metally and steely.

Lord Egbut

pdm said...

Egbut - given your preponderance for trolling no readers of the blog realised that you had any idea what irony was.

In short your past performance has bitten you in the arse.

Wilbur said...

The only "strategy" the Nats ever had to offer was mass immigration to fuel a low wage Ponzi economy driven on by it's own population-increase derived consumption and property bubble - along with procumbent grovelling to Chicom "investors", of course.

National = crony capitalists
Labour = doctrinaire, faculty room, upper-middle class leftists

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. The main parties both make me wanna spew, and I couldn't vote for Winnie either. I gave that SOB a go in 1996, never again.

Anonymous said...

PDM.......If pointing out factual errors, supplying links and having an opinion is trolling then I am guilty.

Lord Egbut