Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Prime Minister in waiting, my arse.
National need a leader who will systematically demolish the CoL every time they move, better still, before they get up.

The tired old Socialists only needed an Image and then were anointed by another tired old man well past his use by date,  intent only on revenge and self seeking advantage for himself. The carcass was still the ineffectual cloth cap spend opms bunch of yesterdays people now led by people who had never worked for reward based on performance or created a single dollar, theoreticians and union blood suckers.
Sheesh Ardern was only PM in waiting for a few weeks and NZ is still waiting for her to emerge from behind the cardboard cutout five months after the election.

Adams and  Bridges are too intent on pleasing all, all the time,  in the poll driven Key mold. Mitchell might  have his time and Joyce is tainted. If any further understanding of his failure was needed, just remember his monumental stuff up in the Northland By-election that restored the body of the Dwarf waiting for embalming before interment, in a resurrection not recorded since Jesus got Lazarus running again.
Political leadership needs someone unafraid to make bold decisions in ways before Sir Humphrey Appleby  destroyed Statesmen and replaced them with 'courageous'. Nigel Hawthorne's character was designed to be humorous but now that new  reality has become the norm, it is not funny.

National are in opposition and need Collins to expose all the foibles and mistakes that are in an avalanche of stupid,  to a level that the Media Party cannot ignore,  winning the next election can wait.

The Dwarf is a reminder of how the Soviets could keep a figurehead in apparent full function when the only person left still wondering was the Kremlin embalmer.

Opposition is a different beast from Government and the little people have no understanding of anything approaching the idealistic "government in waiting" mirage.
Exposing a train wreck, now that is different, often just one photo will do it.
Social media is ready and waiting, those still reading the purile MSM are not selling their vote, it's locked in.


The Veteran said...

GD ... your penultimate sentence is a cracker and should be bottled (pun intended).

Paulus said...

Finally, although I have no vote, I believe Collins and Joyce will make a good team providing Joyce keeps on to Finance, and brings another money person forward.

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... then you are saying Collins for Leader and Joyce for Deputy. Never again should the Leader be the Finance Minister. Nuff said.

Gerald said...

This reminds me of some Australians bitching because they didn't have a say when Abbot was rolled. "Hold it" I said "you have the same selection process as us."

smttc said...

Yes, it must be Collins.

The next election is not the benchmark for this appointment. The next election will look after itself if the current rabble in government are held to account for their shoddy performance.

pdm said...

smttc - agreed.

I declared the other day for Collins leader with Mitchell Deputy.

Psycho Milt said...

National are in opposition and need Collins to expose all the foibles and mistakes that are in an avalanche of stupid...

Do you really want National to issue an invitation to journalists around the country to have another look through those Dirty Politics messages, the dodgy Oravida dealings, the dodgy swamp kauri exports, the interesting question of whose digger cracked the aviation fuel pipe etc? I'm torn between hoping they do, because it would be pretty funny, and hoping they don't, because we all thought Trump would be hilarious until it turned out US voters were even dumber than anyone gave them credit for. On the whole, I think I'm going with hoping they don't, because NZ has easily as many fascist dumb cunts as America does so the yucks just aren't worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....your post on Mugabe ramming through legislation as proposed by Peters is fake news.

The Zimbabwe constitution approved at the Lancaster house talks 1980 was almost the same as the old Southern Rhodesian acts....the act you quoted 129(k)(1) was "rammed" through parliament By either Garfield Todd (a Kiwi) or Ian Smiths UDI Govt......both are what you may be considered right wing ...

The trouble with fake news is that by the time it is researched it is yesterdays topic.

I am no friend of Winston First but to align him with Mugabe is dirty politics and you should realise that the continual name calling is turning Peters into the under dog.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Sorry Egbut ... to respond to your threadjacking ... do your homework. I'm not talking about the Zimbabwe Constitution approved at the Lancaster House talks. I'm talking about the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20) Act 2013 which replaced in its entirety the Constitution of Zimbabwe approved as part of the Lancaster House Agreements.

I do however need to be fair to Mr Peters (although I don't quite know why) ... his Bill requires a two-thirds vote of the caucus to expel a serving MP. In Zimbabwe and under S129(1)(k) of the 2013 Constitution a member loses his seat once he ceases to be a member of the Party under whose banner he/she was elected ... means the Party can act unilaterally ... and does so with Zanu-PF expelling 16 MPs since December last.

This is not the Westminster system of government as we know it and why 'we' would want to try and emulate what happens in Zimbabwe fair escapes me ... well actually it doesn't .. Peters needs a mechanism to control his caucus and this noxious piece of legislation gives him just that power.

Anonymous said... 2013 Zims parliament was a shell and totally in control of Zanu PF hand in hand with a corrupt judiciary. It had no need to enact legislation. However this was the state of play in 1996 re members.

(d) if he is absent from twenty-one consecutive sittings during any session without the leave of Parliament and Parliament has resolved, by the affirmative votes of more than one-half of its total membership, that the seat shall become vacant;

(e) if, being a member referred to in section 38 (1) (a) and having ceased to be a member of the political party of which he was a member at the date of his election to Parliament, the political party concerned, by written notice to the Speaker, declares that he has ceased to represent its interests in Parliament;

From a voters point of view seeing my MP cross the floor and still picking up his wage packet until the next election is not democratic or even fair. It is unheard of in Europe as they practise consensus politics, it only happens in English speaking countries and I fail to see how this piece of legislation will have any material effect. Linking Peters with Mugabe is OTT.

Lord Egbut