Thursday, February 22, 2018


Richard Harman is reporting on Politik that Ron 'Medals' Mark is about to be rolled by the NZ First caucus (read Winston Peters) as Deputy Leader.

Mark's reaction to story was that it was news to him ... figures.

Peters doesn't do forgiveness and his reaction to the story broken here that Mark was wearing unauthorised medals was telling ... he said Mark should have listened to the the advice tendered to him by officials.

The speculation is that Fletcher Tabuteau, a Peters confidante, will replace Mark.    Clearly what the leader wants the leader gets.    Meanwhile in the House of Mark ...................


Ray said...

Dunno but there another theory being touted that it is an NZ First sting with Winston being able to say when "Medals Marks" retains the job, just a media beat up!
Definitely the sort of thing he likes to pull.
We will see in all good time eh.

The Veteran said...

I have absolutely no idea how this post appeared twice ... apologies.