Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Back To The 1950s

A week or so ago David Farrar had a post at Kiwiblog in which he mocked someone for suggesting something or other with the admonition 'back to the 1950s.'

To which I replied ' You weren;t even there so what the hell would you know about the 1950s?'  I went on to point our that NZers were very well off during the 1950s as the cash bonanza from the 'wool for uniforms' rolled in.

On reflection, I should have pointed out to him that during the 1950s, most Maori men had the dignity of a job, even if it was on the railways.  Most Maori and Pakeha children had fathers who they could name.

I wonder if the modern day academic Maori activist ever asks his or her grandparents what life was really like during those very good years of the 1950s?

In the predominantly Maori community in which I grew up I recall everyone seemed pretty happy.  Maori loved to take the piss out of each other and out of us Pakeha.  We gave as good as we got.

It seems to me sixty years of creeping socialism has destroyed a once great people.


Anonymous said...

The same way creeping socialism destroyed the American Indian, Australian aboriginal and many Sth American tribes...oh wait, got that wrong, it was creeping capitalism.


Ray said...

I was there and of course it was a great time.
The big plus was we were young then, everybody who was a male worked and the country had plenty of money.
On the other side of the coin everything was in short supply, when I started school my situation would have ticked most of the poverty boxes except of course we were in a loving family and we definitely had prospects.
Fortunately neither my father or uncles showed a tendency to violence despite spending a number of years on the far side of the World killing people.
Racism we didn’t see even though one uncle was a Māori. As were neighbors and my first teacher, just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, fuck there was a column written in one of the papers by "Hori" who definitely wasn’t.
Socialism was rampant which was ok for the times what seems to be forgotten is that under that system if you want something the systems bureaucrats don’t know about or approve, you are stuffed.
It was boring.

Anonymous said...

Since the 70's successive Governments have encouraged, even paid, young women to become single parents. We now reap the "benefits":

1. Middle aged materially poor and dependent adults
2. Increasing shortages of rent-able accommodation with decreasing home ownership rates
3. An increasing young adult population without a role model, and who have no comprehension of responsibility and how to plan for their own future
4. An aging population with no supporting worker base to provide their future needs
5. A disturbingly high and increasing suicide rate

Yet we now have a new Government which is:

a. Paying further bonuses to unprepared young mothers to breed
b. Removing the need to name fathers
c. Dismantling the targeted protection for vulnerable young women
d. Demonising male involvement in the family, education, and the community

Every child has the right to have both a father and the mother, except in exceptional circumstances. Denying them this right is nothing other than child abuse.

If we wonder why so many social problems are demanding that "The Government" intervenes, well we have created this environment. The family, once the nucleus for raising well adjusted children, is no longer part of our community. Socialism has progressively taken it's place, and this Government seems determined to increase the spread of it's cancerous metastasising tentacles. None of the five problems above will be solved with their approach, they will only get worse.


Anonymous said...
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The Veteran said...

MarcW .... uptick2

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I hope you are never allowed within ten miles of anything important.

The only thing startling about you is your ignorance.