Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Too Good Not To Steal

From Whaleoil


Yesterday Question Time Q11 to Minister of Maori Affairs, one Nanaia Mahuta from Jamie Lee Ross.
Ross began with a Point of Order asking his question be held over until the Minister was available with one hell of a sledge
"Mr Speaker I seek leave to hold my question over until The Minister is able to come to the house from witness protection?

The Duck had a wee moment, took the dumb bastard a significant pause before he realised Ross had hit it out of the park, then  he woke up and  asked Ross to rephrase his seeking of leave.

So many of the clearly overworked and out of their depth Ministers are using this ploy to avoid what they know will not end well and Mallard is being very supportive.

The newly elevated went on and on that Carter was biased
Mallard is the worst in my lifetime by the home straight, he even manages to make 'screaming banshee'  Wilson and the totally incompetent Gerald Wall look almost adequate.

Nice one Jamie.


with the election of two New Zealanders with a Maori heritage as Leader and Deputy Leader to seize the moment and  commit to the abolition of the Maori seats and, unlike Winston Peters, mean it.

The Maori seats trace their beginning back to the Maori Representation Act of 1867 which was designed to give Maori a voice in Parliament at a time when no Maori stood a snowflakes chance in hell of winning a general seat on their own merits.

The election of Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett to the two top positions in the National Party caucus along with Kelvin Davis as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Winston Peters and Fletcher Tabuteau as the two top dogs in Winston First and the likely elevation of Marama Davidson  as co-leader of the Greens will mean that six out of the eight top positions in the four major parties in parliament are held by Maori.     That really sez it all but when you couple that with the fact that Maori are substantially over-represented in parliament the case for abolution becomes compelling.

The continued retention of the Maori seats is tokenism at its worst and a relic of our colonial past.  Maori are better than that and have demonstrated it in spades by their electoral success outside of the Maori seats.     Peters was elected on a lie which he ditched at the first opportunity.    National can gain back the treasury benches by making clear they mean it.

Ball's in your court National.

Foreign buyer ban to reduce housing stock

From Granny:
A proposed law change would ban multi-billion dollar retirement giants Ryman Healthcare and Metlifecare from buying any further New Zealand land without state consent, sparking an outcry from the NZX-listed businesses.

The heads of companies with significant foreign ownership sent strongly-worded submissions to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee, pleading not to be stopped from buying further land here to expand without Overseas Investment Office approval each time.

But on this week's controversial 60 Minutes interview with Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, she reiterated ban plans, saying the Government would stop foreigners by simply saying no.
 A ridiculously dogmatic and dangerous policy response.

The retirement village sector meets a growing demand.  We need more villages, as we have an aging population.  Making it more difficult to purchase residential land to build villages will lead to a shortage of housing supply for the elderly and infirm, and push up prices, further locking out of the market middle income earners who want that retirement option.

But it also will lead to one further, and vital, outcome: Each time an elderly person or couple move into a retirerment village unit, they sell their existing family home.  This increases the availability of houses to be bought by mum and dad and first home buyers. 

In short, it increases the supply of housing.

It seems Labour, Ardern and Twitford are determined to achieve the opposite.  Everything they have done so far on housing will produce the complete opposite result to their desired one.  The sad thing is they can't see it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Benefits of Exersise

Here is why Adolf will not be attempting Yoga:-

A Bridges Too Far

Being far removed from the National Party Adolf can say what he likes without fear of rocking any boats.

I think the election of Bridges as parliamentary leader is a serious mistake.  However, time will tell but I think Labour will be well pleased and will look forward to an easy win in 2020.

Winston Peters will be laughing his head off.

What of the other contenders?  My advice would be to keep their heads down and let him get on with making a fool of himself.  Say nothing critical but refrain from helping him out when he stuffs up.

Good luck Gnats.  You are going to need it.

Ho Ho Ho (Arab Diwalli version)

Yes I know this one's off topic.......

Monday, February 26, 2018

Politics In A Cereal Packet

Readers will be aware Adolf enjoys a long, brisk walk every morning.  Currently eight kilometers completed in 83 minutes or thereabouts.   Musical assistance is provided by either the band of The Grenadier Guards or the good people at ABC Classic FM.

However, readers will not be aware that upon return from his morning jaunt, after carefully stretching down, Adolf enjoys a bowl of dry Nutrigrain covered in chopped up fresh fruit.  Usually banana, rock melon, peach, black grapes, mandarin, nectarine and sometimes mango.  (Australia is home to the best stone fruit in the world.)

One morning a few weeks ago I discovered those little Nutrigrain fellows have personalities which roughly align with the major political parties.

Here we have the cheerful, confident, positive, smiling conservatives (National, Liberal, Republican)

And here can be seen the down at the mouth, sour, morose socialists (Labour/Greens, Labor/Greens, Democrats)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Twyford's flagship policy is a shambles

Those of us with reasonable short-term memories will recall Phil Twyford's bullshit and bluster during the election campaign over his Kiwibuild policy.  He regularly and unashamedly announced that Labour would build 100,000 homes within ten years, through its Kiwibuild policy. 

I looked at Labour's plans in October last year.  Central amongst it was Kiwibuild.

Its website proudly proclaims:

KiwiBuild will deliver 100,000 affordable houses over ten years for first home buyers. Half of these will be built in Auckland. That is a ten-fold increase in the number of affordable houses being built in Auckland each year, from 500 to 5,000.

The stand-alone KiwiBuild homes in Auckland will be priced at $500,000-$600,000 with apartments and terraced houses under $500,000. Outside of Auckland prices are likely to range from $300,000-$500,000. These will be high-quality homes built to modern standards. Scale and modern offsite manufacturing techniques will enable these homes to be built at low cost.

Well, in between its role as pumping up Jacinda Ardern as some sort of TV celebrity or reality TV star, and reporting on Richie McCaw's wedding, the media has finally done its job.

The Government's flagship policy to deliver low-cost homes to first time buyers could be a fail on the affordability front, according to its own ministry officials.
Documents released to Newshub Nation under the Official Information Act reveal KiwiBuild apartments and houses to be priced up to $600,000 in Auckland could still be well out of reach of their target market.

It identifies price as one of the top risk factors for Labour's so-called affordable housing strategy.

"Indicative modelling suggests there may be insufficient first home buyers willing and able to purchase a 100,000 KiwiBuild houses at the price points that are outlined in your manifesto."

The Ministry documents estimate that a first home buyer household would need to be earning $114,000 a year in order to purchase a $500,000 KiwiBuild house. That's compared, it says, to a median household income of $90,000.

Mr Twyford estimated a buy-in household income of almost half that.

"You are probably going to have a household income I would guess $60,000 plus to buy a Kiwibuild property straight up," he told Newshub Nation.

Asked how many rental households in Auckland would meet the $144,000 income threshold, the Minister said: "I'd have to get advice on that... I just don't know."

But advice that went to the Housing Minister in November contained that information.
I thought Nick Smith was a disaster.  His successor is worse.  He lied to get votes.  He continued to lie when challenged on it.  And now he has lied about the advice he received.

The opposition need to go hard on this.  I'd seek a resignation.  But I have high standards.  Much higher than this dropkick, Twyford.

Trudeau One Liner of the Year

scott winograd @scottwinograd
Thank G-d he's not visiting Papua New Guinea

Ho ho ho


On Tuesday the National Party caucus will elect both a new leader and new deputy leader.   For myself I think Bill English's decision to resign when he did was a mistake.    Labour is still in their honeymoon period and I suspect their poll rating will continue to improve at the expense of National.

I say that in the sense that the Greens current 5% is probably rock bottom for them as is Winston's 2%.    I also think that Bill English added perhaps 2-3% to National's numbers recognising the superb work he did as the countries finance minister.   That  2-3% will evaporate.

English should have waited until well after Labour's first budget was done and dusted and the winter's wind and rain and cold was well and truly upon us (pestilence, locusts and flooding would be better ... I digress).    Instead, and no matter who they choose, the new leadership team will likely face a drop in poll numbers ... that drop will be the focus of media attention and, as a result, the leadership team will be faced with attacking the government from a position of weakness.

In every leadership contest there are winners and losers and so it will be with this one.    The losers have two options ... either to suck it up and get in behind the new leadership regime or engage in internecine trench warfare from the backbenches as Labour did so spectacularly in the case of Messrs Cunliffe, Shearer and Little.      Hopefully 'they' will have learned from that but bruised egos and thwated personal ambition can sometimes result in irrational behavior.

The challenge is there for National.   How they react to that challenge will determine whether the government is to survive more than one term remembering always that oppositions seldom win elections ... governments lose them.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Dam Busters

What's happened to Peter Jackson's movie?

Does anybody know?

I haven't seen any commentary or news about this project for a long time.

I sincerely hope when the film is completed, Mr Jackson resists the PC Nazis and calls the bloody dog by it's proper name. 'Nigger.'


Seems like Jacinda's best friend has made a right pig's arse of himself during his self prolonged visit to India .... you can read it all here and here and here.    When they laugh at you it's bad.

Does happen though when you start believing you are God's gift to mankind and can do no wrong.

Meanwhile Trudeau's personal popularity and that of his Liberal Party continues to drop with the Progressive Conservatives picked to topple the the Liberals in Ontario where they've held power since 2003 while, in Quebec, the Coalition Avenir Qu├ębec, is favoured to oust the Liberals there too later this year.


to start the Super Rugby season in NZL.   Congrats to both the Highlanders and the Blues.

Now if the ODI against the Poms  is as good as that I can go into Sunday without too much to worry about with the Chiefs sure to smash the Crusaders ... only joking.

Then on Monday morning (our time) go the Cains over the Bulls. 

Friday, February 23, 2018


Dopy and Grumpy (wif one eye shut) on the 7pm nzlp election advertorial,  introduced a Jamie Strange as 'the' MP for Hamilton East who was formerly a rock muso.

Very bloody 'Strange'  I thought, didn't a certain David Bennett win the last five elections for National after binning Dianne Yates who managed to be a one term wonder when she defeated Tony Steel in 2002.
2017 Bennett[ 18975,  also-rans including The Strange one[ 16541

I guess it is a minor point if the main focus is to promote the Red team,  any need for a red radio TV station is a relevant question.


Amazing that in just 100+ days Labour has fixed the problem of the homeless.   Not a single story in the media now of anyone forced to sleep in a car.

Nor anything on foodbanks being under pressure.

Congratulations where congratulations are due.

Or am I perhaps missing something

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

On School Shootings

Now that a few days have passed since the latest appalling slaughter in the United States, I have a few observations to make, not necessarily in order of importance.

The usual 'gun control' shouters were out and about before the bodies were cold.

President Trump has been remarkably 'presidential' in the way he has invited the families of victims to the White House.  Numerous sources say these people were heard by the President 'respectfully' and for that he has received widespread praise.

I applaud his decision to invoke a ban on devices which render semi-automatic rifles fully automatic.

Not so his decision to investigate lifting to 21 the age at which a person can buy a rifle. (I owned my first rifle when I was sixteen.  A bolt action ten shot .22 hunting rifle.)  Of  all the mass shootings  in the US over the last ten years, how many were committed by people under 21?  I suspect few.

I see hundreds of people protested outside the White House.  The fools should have staged their protest outside the HQ of the FBI.

Some commentators remark upon the coincidental massive increase in the rate of prescribing psychotic (Is that the right word?) drugs by doctors over the same period as gun slayings have sky rocketed.  Others remark that the period coincides with a massive increase in the number of fatherless children.  I'm sure both factors contribute but how much is debatable.

There seems to me no doubt that a major contributor to the epidemic was the creation of gun free zones at schools.  Israel knows the folly of such a policy and has installed one or more armed guards at every school.  Result?  Few, if any, mass shootings.

What to do?

I suggest a first immediate action would be for the president to fund armed guards for all schools and to fund training for teachers to become proficient users of hand guns.

The second and almost simultaneous immediate action should be to clean out the FBI which has devoted tens of millions of dollars to scandalous partisan political activity but has failed to carry out the core duties for which it is paid.


Richard Harman is reporting on Politik that Ron 'Medals' Mark is about to be rolled by the NZ First caucus (read Winston Peters) as Deputy Leader.

Mark's reaction to story was that it was news to him ... figures.

Peters doesn't do forgiveness and his reaction to the story broken here that Mark was wearing unauthorised medals was telling ... he said Mark should have listened to the the advice tendered to him by officials.

The speculation is that Fletcher Tabuteau, a Peters confidante, will replace Mark.    Clearly what the leader wants the leader gets.    Meanwhile in the House of Mark ...................


Richard Harman is reporting on Politik that Ron 'Medals' Mark is about to be rolled by the NZ First caucus (read Winston Peters) as Deputy Leader.

Mark's reaction to story was that it was news to him ... figures.

Peters doesn't do forgiveness and his reaction to the story broken here that Mark was wearing authorised medals was telling ... he said Mark should have listened to the the advice tendered to him by officials.

The speculation is that Fletcher Tabuteau, a Peters confidante, will replace Mark.    Clearly what the leader wants the leader gets.    Meanwhile in the House of Mark ...................


Just gets smelly and unhygienic with no palpable results, a bit similar to mud wrestling with pigs.

The important bit will come when the decision is made and the whole teim have to get on with implementing it.

Smith, Carter, Barry, and co who through perseverance and longevity have survived at levels often well beyond their ability need to give early notice they accept time has been kind but it has arrived at the crossroads..
Much of their apparent success has emanated from the gentrification of the electorate combined with an inexplicable lack of desire for younger voters to engage to a level  that even has them voting.
Social media has built a new Colosseum for future combat.

The military have evolved to a system that has commanders giving orders and soldiers carrying them out. When a commander is elevated beyond his competence then things can unravel fast but can still be salvageable if lower ranks can act with courage, in politics it is no different.

I am one who sees Ms Kaye as lacking a presence that equates to leadership but she is launching what appears to be a serious assault on Hipkins and Davis that even the worst speaker since the shrieking banshee Wilson sat up there running interference, can cover for.

Is it good for democracy that Mallard in seeking a personal biased means of enforcement with removing questions for infractions from either team?
Or is that a suppression of one of the tenets of the Westminster system where holding the Government to account  is a vital part of the process.
To deduct a question from the questioner as a punishment for an infraction of his warped sense of discipline by someone entirely removed from the process must be a retrograde step. Expulsion removes aa problem but the system can continue with another stepping up. Mallard needs to pull his head in.

This rabble need to be held to account and with so many wheels wobbling and beginning to fall off, it might take a lot more than a Canoe jumping act to keep  the vehicle warrantable.


It is no great secret that my fathers family was tribal Labour.   Indeed, for many years my Aunt's residence in Donnington Street was the unofficial headquarters of the Palmerston North LRC complete with the obligatory pictures of MJS and Peter Frazer on the wall in the living room.    Some of my cousins keep the faith, others have had the scales removed from their eyes. 

And so it was that last weekend I met up with one of those (Labour) cousins to catch up over a few wines (not chardonnay).   She is a lawyer with an interest in constitutional law.   I asked her what she knew of of Peters' Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill and the ability of a Party caucus to expel an MP from Parliament.   She said not much ... but that it was good that a List MP who fell out with his/her Party should lose their seat because they were there solely because of their List ranking.

But I said to her that s55A(1) makes it clear the legislation applies to all MPs (except those elected as Independents).   That includes electorate (constituency) MPs.   She said that can't be right ... an electorate MP answers to his/her electorate ... they vote them in; they vote them out.     I suggested to her she had  better believe it because that's what the Bill is all about.

I then asked her what she made of a Bill where Parties comprising three or more MPs could expel members at will while two member Parties could not.   She said it was stupid.

We departed on good terms.   My cousin will invoke the 70/30 rule and suck it up but she is not a happy chappie  and neither she should be.

And all because the venal Winston Peters doesn't/can't trust his own caucus.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Prime Minister in waiting, my arse.
National need a leader who will systematically demolish the CoL every time they move, better still, before they get up.

The tired old Socialists only needed an Image and then were anointed by another tired old man well past his use by date,  intent only on revenge and self seeking advantage for himself. The carcass was still the ineffectual cloth cap spend opms bunch of yesterdays people now led by people who had never worked for reward based on performance or created a single dollar, theoreticians and union blood suckers.
Sheesh Ardern was only PM in waiting for a few weeks and NZ is still waiting for her to emerge from behind the cardboard cutout five months after the election.

Adams and  Bridges are too intent on pleasing all, all the time,  in the poll driven Key mold. Mitchell might  have his time and Joyce is tainted. If any further understanding of his failure was needed, just remember his monumental stuff up in the Northland By-election that restored the body of the Dwarf waiting for embalming before interment, in a resurrection not recorded since Jesus got Lazarus running again.
Political leadership needs someone unafraid to make bold decisions in ways before Sir Humphrey Appleby  destroyed Statesmen and replaced them with 'courageous'. Nigel Hawthorne's character was designed to be humorous but now that new  reality has become the norm, it is not funny.

National are in opposition and need Collins to expose all the foibles and mistakes that are in an avalanche of stupid,  to a level that the Media Party cannot ignore,  winning the next election can wait.

The Dwarf is a reminder of how the Soviets could keep a figurehead in apparent full function when the only person left still wondering was the Kremlin embalmer.

Opposition is a different beast from Government and the little people have no understanding of anything approaching the idealistic "government in waiting" mirage.
Exposing a train wreck, now that is different, often just one photo will do it.
Social media is ready and waiting, those still reading the purile MSM are not selling their vote, it's locked in.


The news that Fairfax is to close or try and sell 28 newspapers it owns in New Zealand begs the obvious question as to whether there will be any print media other than the four 'big' (and shedding customers by the day) metropolitan daily newspapers left in the country ten years out.

For myself and I think they're all likely to be going the same way as the cheque book.

For the record the newspapers in question are Avenues, Waikato Farmer, Admire Marlborough, NZ Dairy Farmer, Discover Magazine, Selwyn and Ashburton Outlook, Admire Nelson, Hastings Mail, Christchurch Mail, Napier Mail, The Tribune, Kaikoura Star, Invercargill Eye, Auto Xtra, South Canterbury Herald, Clutha Leader, Waiheke Marketplace, NewsLink, Wairarapa News, Queenstown Mirror, NZ Farmer, Waitaki Herald, Canterbury Farmer, North Waikato News, Central District Farmer, Rotorua Review, Otago Southland Farmer, Ruapehu Press.

Not to worry though.   Even if every newspaper in the country were to fold I'm sure the Gummit would come to the rescue with a broadsheet to be distributed 'free' to every household telling us what the Gummit thinks we ought to know.


One of our Oz readers (no, not David) has alerted me to the story of two 'fine upstanding' Kiwis taken into custody by Australian Border Protection Officers to be deported back to New Zealand by that terrible ogre of an Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton.

Daniel Maxwell and Caleb Maraku, in separate and unrelated incidents, were parties to unprovoked attacks on their victims.   In the case of Maxwell the attack led to the victims death.   For Marakau, who hit his victim with a cowards punch so called, his reaction to his sentence when he left the Court laughing led to a 50,000 signature petition calling for his deportation.

No doubt Kelvin Davis, crim hugger extraordinaire, will be taking up the cudgels on their behalf and urging the Australian government to reconsider their decision.    One thing for sure ... these two scumbags won't be contributing members of New Zealand society.   Good thing  too that Davis has pledged to empty our prisons by one-third.   That will ensure there is plenty of space for these two when they re-offend again ... as they surely will.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Back To The 1950s

A week or so ago David Farrar had a post at Kiwiblog in which he mocked someone for suggesting something or other with the admonition 'back to the 1950s.'

To which I replied ' You weren;t even there so what the hell would you know about the 1950s?'  I went on to point our that NZers were very well off during the 1950s as the cash bonanza from the 'wool for uniforms' rolled in.

On reflection, I should have pointed out to him that during the 1950s, most Maori men had the dignity of a job, even if it was on the railways.  Most Maori and Pakeha children had fathers who they could name.

I wonder if the modern day academic Maori activist ever asks his or her grandparents what life was really like during those very good years of the 1950s?

In the predominantly Maori community in which I grew up I recall everyone seemed pretty happy.  Maori loved to take the piss out of each other and out of us Pakeha.  We gave as good as we got.

It seems to me sixty years of creeping socialism has destroyed a once great people.


So Taxcinda and the Drunken Dwarf were so engaged in affairs of state over the last little while that they didn't notice the extra $21,000 paid into their accounts being accommodation allowances they weren't entitled to after having moved into ministerial housing.

I'm prepared to cut Taxcinda some slack but for the DD ... once is annoying; twice in six months and you have to start to wonder.

One thing for sure.   Most 'normal' people would have noticed the error straight up.

From The Venal To The Banal

Australia is to receive visits over coming weeks from super crook Hillary Clinton

Image result for hillary clinton

and super dope Prince Charles.

Image result for prince charles

Obviously Charles is being brought here by the republican movement in order to encourage Australians to see what an idiot their next king is.

Clinton on the other hand warrants some caution.   Australia should lock down anything that might be stolen, like uranium reserves.  ASIO should make sure there is no secret dirty dossier being composed on the fictional secret lives of Cory Bernadi or Tony Abbott.

No doubt she will consort for a time with Julia Gillard.  The important question then arises, which of them has the fattest arse?

Hell that was a surprise

I have just heard on a NewstalkZB news bulletin that Winston Peters was the sole nominee for leader of New Zealand First and he was unanimously elected. His election was then greeted with acclamation.

Why Collins won't be leader

After recent goings-on, I have come to the conclusion that unfortunately Judith Collins won't win the vote.

Essentially, National Party MPs are inherently cautious and averse to risk.  They prefer to play "steady as she goes" instead of "risk v reward".  There were three risk-taking MPs in recent years - Ruth Richardson, Jenny Shipley and Don Brash.  History shows how they were treated, and what happened to them.

So, the caucus will choose "steady as she goes" next week, and Collins is hardly that.

If I was in caucus, she would get my vote.  But I'm not and I don't get one.

Monday, February 19, 2018


One of the reasons James Shaw gave for the Greens support of Winston's Electoral Integrity Bill (so called) was that for an MP to be expelled from Parliament it would require a two-thirds vote from his/her caucus to trigger the expulsion and that was democracy in action.     Straightforward ... not on your nelly.

Since the late 1970s there have been many occasions when a Party has been represented in the House by just two members (started with Socreds Bruce Beetham and Garry Knapp while in the 51st Parliament it was the Maori Party).   Under the Peters' Bill a member of a two member party can walk free because you can't get a two-thirds vote from a two person caucus.   Under Peters' Bill we end up with the situation where parties having three or more members in their caucus can expel MPs and parties with only two members can't.    Perhaps James S can tell us just how that represents democracy in action.

The Bill is both fatally flawed and fatally compromised.     It's in the name of the Minister of Justice and Andrew Little should seek to withdraw it ... but he won't because Winston Peters will never admit that he got it so horribly wrong.    That leaves the Greens who were sandbagged into supporting it to first reading.  Now that it's shown to have holes big enough to drive a truck through will they have the gonads to withdraw that support?    I think not ... their track record is of a Party prepared to sacrifice their principles for the baubles of office.  

The Bill is a shambles; it's undemocratic and it confers privileged status on MPs belonging to a two member caucus over all other MPs ... and all this because Winston First doesn't/can't trust his own caucus.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


There is a certain bond among those who have served ... they are in effect  part of your wider family.   When one of them falls on hard times you are duty bound to help them to be best of your ability.

Not so it seems for now ex President of the New South Wales RSL (RSA) aided and abetted by members of his Executive.   Their  culture was one of helping themselves to the best of their ability at the expense of ordinary RSL members and then engaging in a deliberate plan to cover up their malfeasance.     This week the NSW Government released the report of former NSW Supreme Court Judge Patricia Bergin into the goings on by former members of the NSW RSL Executive.   Not short (700 pages) you can read it here.

It is a sordid tale of corruption, greed, fraud and the total misuse of public donations ... donations given by the general public for the welfare of returned servicemen and women.   The figures are in the millions and those involved in the rort lived a champagne lifestyle.   For Mr Don Rowe (ex President) it included his claiming of approximately $40,000 in reimbursement for telephone bills; his making of $214,050 in cash withdrawals on his RSL credit card without supporting documentation; the charging of $92,679 in services to his RSL credit card  for which there was no supporting documentation and allowing his son to live for seven years rent free in the Presidential suite at the Hyde Park Inn (owned by the NSW RSL).   Read too how members of the Executive (including the President) voted themselves huge consultancy fees in their capacity as Directors of RSL LifeCare (formed in 1911 to provide care and services to war veterans).

These matters are now the subject of a formal NSW police investigation.

Don Rowe and his merry band deserve to be stripped of their assets and their medals and then incarcerated for life  (but only after a fair trial).     They dishonor the veteran community.    

As an Honorary Member of the NSW RSL I am highly pissed orf.

Quote Of The Year (so far)

From Fran O'Sullivan

".....the only reason we have a 37-year-old female Prime Minister is because a septuagenarian put her there.  "

Ho, Ho Ho

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Peggy Lee Nails Robert Mueller

Today when I read the reports of Robert Mueller's indictments of thirteen Russians, the first thing to cross my mind was this opening line by the wonderful Peggy Lee

"Is That All There Is?

The most extraordinary thing about these so-called indictments is that nobody seems to know whether the trolls were ever in the USA.   It is clear that if they ever were, they are no longer, so the whole farrago is meaningless.

The Keystone Cops even gave them a hand.  The Russkis organised a couple of pro-Trump rallies which were well attended but, just to show they are even handed, they then put on a couple of pro-Hillary events, also well attended.

Mueller and Co have spent gazzillions of dollars to establish that Russia tries to undermine western countries.  Just ask any of the hairy old lefties from NZ's "Peace" Movement of the 60s and 70s.  They would never admit it at the time but they were financed by Moscow.

Funny thing is, Mueller had nothing to say about Obama's blatant and illegal interference in the elections of Israel, were he attempted to bring about the defeat of Netanyahu.

So, all in all, this Mueller circus is the Mother of all Nothingburgers.

Due to the 'dossier' revelations it now appears likely Mike Flynn will never be taken to court as the evidence against him is tainted.  So, one wonders what is really going on here?

I'm inclined to think Mr Mueller has a pretty good idea what is heading for him over coming weeks and today's phony indictments will give him an excuse to wrap up and disappear, while the going is good.


One suspects that St Jacinda won't be in too much of a rush to reprocate the directive from Malcolm Turnbull forbidding sex between government ministers and parliamentary employees. 

Were she to do so the actions of a certain high ranking married minister and his ongoing pursuit of members of the parliamentary stenography pool  might cause some embarrassment.

If Turnbull thinks that a directive from on high is sufficient to shut the gate on such behavior then he is more out of touch with the real world than I thought he was.

Oppositions don't win elections; governments lose them.   A government in disarray with the PM and his Deputy at loggerheads and that's a triple whammy.    They will be breaking out the chardonnay at 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT (Labor Party Headquarters) as I write this. 

It has to be Judith

For the simple reason

If Jacinda is stardust

Judith is concrete

Friday, February 16, 2018

When You Make Rules........ have to police them.

That is why, when I managed a sales team for nine year, I made as few rules as possible.  I got rid of a rule which said 'you cannot authorize discounts.'   I was being inundated with requests for discounts so I introduced a revolutionary discretion for the sale people.

'You can authorize any discount you like.  For every two dollars of discount you authorize, your commission will reduce by one dollar.'

The commission was set at a level where, if all of it was used to offset discount, the company still broke even.

Fast forward to Australian federal politics in 2018.

Australia's Prime Blunderer has ruled that henceforth Ministers must not bonk members of their staff.

I kid you not.

Image result for barnaby joyce and mistress

How will he police that one?   What will he do when his best and most loyal minister is caught with his dick in his Press Secretary?

Something must be done, this is something, therefore this must be done

Otherwise known as "The National Party's approach to drug testing, in a nutshell." National, being a party of stuffed shirts, likes nothing better than sticking it to people who use drugs other than alcohol or tobacco.

 Yesterday saw them playing to the dumbass market (nothing new there) by demanding that a stuffed shirt's bill to implement roadside saliva testing be introduced. Fortunately, the excellent Julie-Ann Genter was having none of it, and the sight of a minister of the crown telling the braying Tory jackasses that her government prefers evidence-based policy to knee-jerk virtue-signalling was a glory to behold:

I ask all our right-wing readers out there this question:  if random roadside breath-testing by the Police only indicated whether you'd drunk alcohol within the last couple of days, and the cops could confiscate your keys and charge you if it gave a positive result, how enthusiastic would you be about a bill to introduce that testing, and how keen would you be to vote for the party that pushed for it?  If the answer is "Not very,"  do some thinking about whether you'd vote for a party with Chris Bishop and Alistair Scott as MPs.


Winston First MP Clayton Noname is looking to make a name for himself by seeking to introduce into parliament a Bill making English one of our official languages.

Wot a friggin waster of time.   Te Reo and sign language are official languages but nothing can change the fact that English is 'our' language of choice; of government; of the law; of commence; of education and of everything else except perhaps on the Marae; in kura kaupapa Maori schools and on a couple of TV/radio stations.

Nothing is going to change that ever.   This Bill is dogwhistle politics at its worst designed to fill a gap that doesn't exist and pander to the prejudices of Winston First's ever evaporating voter demographic.  

A fatally flawed Electoral Integrity Bill; support for Labour's destruction of Charter Schools and now this piece of crap legislation.    All from a Party destined for the dustbin of history.


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Thursday, February 15, 2018


It is reported that St Jacinda has instructed the Attorney-General to commence an investigation into the claims made by Hagar and Stephenson in their book 'Hit and Run' that the SAS deliberately targeted civilians in what amounted to extrajudicial killings in revenge for an earlier attack on  NZ troops in Afghanistan in 2010. 

My sources have it that Defence Minister Ron 'Medals' Mark had indicated to NZDF top brass that he saw no need for such an inquiry.

If that is right then clearly Mark's response to the Prime Minister telling him jump was to say "how high Sir".     Mark's standing in the military will have taken a further dive.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Nine years of Clark and Cullen ends:-
NZ enters recession a year ahead of the rest of the free world.
Parting gift from a defeated bunch, an over priced train set with an accompanying embedded debt burden.
A bunch of headless chickens searching through the detritus of a party bereft of anyone remotely able to lead the fractured bunch, following an abrupt and never signaled election night resignation.
Employment figures inflated by a large growth spurt in public funded nice to have job creation policies and other options to Job seeker.
Entrenched and growing one size fits all welfare system almost devoid of any oversight or prudent management but firmly on track to perpetuate destruction of self reliance and self worth with hand up memes replaced with entitlement.
Professional practitioners of economic analysis almost to a man suggesting NZ's economy was facing a decade of problems.

Nine Years of Key and English:-
NZ the envy of much of the free world, anticipating more growth and good times for at least a further  two years.
Ironically, the day after defeated Nat Leader announces retirement in two weeks time, an extra windfall of over a billion dollar surplus for the new Government, courtesy of the old one.
Welfare better targeted with many initiatives to move beneficiaries back into paid employment.
Lowest unemployment for decades due largely to jobs created in non government areas.
That same bunch of economic commentators almost as united in predicting at least two more years of favourable internal economic indicators.
A orderly and well signaled National Party leadership change with a choice from several well equipped contenders to be decided.

Which administration would a thinking politician want to score an election win over?
The same one the current rabble have been appointed to follow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

National's next leader

The new leader has to have two fundamental qualities: A female, and capable of being Prime Minister.

That leaves three options, Collins, Kaye and Adams.

Personally I think it's a no-brainer.  It's either Collins or Kaye.  I'm not sure Kaye can debate well enough to beat Ardern or Peters.  Collins certainly can.

Well, there we go then.  Decision made.

What's for dinner?

Democrat Kitchen Rules

The greatest electoral assets the Republicans have for November are House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

If these two went on the "My Kitchen Rules" show, Pelosi would bring along bread crumbs and Schumer would bring sauerkraut.

Ever since the Republicans pushed through President Trump's tax cut legislation the Democrat leaders seem to have excelled at losing.  Their piece de resistance was to sit stone faced and immobile during the SOTU speech and fail to acknowledge the good news for people who would normally vote for them.  (Image shows Pelosi at the SOTU sucking on a Tide pod)

Image result for pelosi SOTU

Then, Pelosi described the $1000.00 bonuses received by millions (yes, that really is millions) of US workers as breadcrumbs.  Some breadcrumbs!  Has she never heard of Marie Antoinette?

Not to be out done, Schumer was forced to back down when Trump and co coined the name 'Schumer Shutdown' for his foolish tactics in the Senate.  Instead of laying blame for the shutdown on the Republicans, he finished up wearing it himself.  He was shown to care more about illegal immigrants than about the families of military personnel.  Absolutely dumb stuff.

As a result of all this, the generic polls which are the best indicator of fortunes for November have narrowed from a 15 point Democrat advantage to just two points.  At the same time, President Trump's approval rating has steadily improved.

No longer does one hear any serious talk of a Democratic Party wave in November.

They've gone all quiet.


Nothing sums up Winston Peters more than his less than dignified response to the the news that Bill English is to resign as leader of the National Party.    Compare that to the Prime Minister's generous comments in the House where she acknowledged the huge contribution BE has made to the country during his 27 years in Parliament.

Peters presents as a tired embittered old man totally incapable of rising to the occasion and that's how he will be remembered when he exits public life either by accident or design ... that and the stain he'll leave behind on his seat because he really does talk a lot of s**t.

This is Bill English's day and nothing Peters sez or does will detract from that.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Email to my nearest Labour MP

Sent a few minutes ago. Good morning. I am not one of your constituents as I am on the General Role in the Tukituki electorate but it does make you the closest thing to a Labour MP in my area, being Hastings City. Hence this email. Although I have no contact whatsoever with Charter Schools I am appalled at the way the students and administrators of these schools are being treated by your Government and in particular the way Minister Hipkins and Prime Minister Ardern are kowtowing to the teacher unions. I find it hard to believe that you, as a Maori Member of Parliament are not viewing what is happening in a similar way given the great success Charter Schools are having with Maori and Pacific Island students at these schools. Previously disruptive and dysfunctional students within the education system are turning out to be achievers and leaders through their association with these Charter Schools. Members of the Maori Caucus within Labour out number both the Green and NZ Party membership of the current government. You therefore have a huge opportunity to lead a change in the ideologically led destruction of these schools. Now is the time for Maori members within Labour to show some spine and cease being sycophantic followers of the leadership. Stand up and be counted and do something worthwhile for your people and your country - you and your fellow Maori MPs will be respected for such action. Sincerely

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Full Relaxation Mode

Could this possibly be your blog host?

Ho, Ho, Ho.