Friday, January 12, 2018

You'd Think God Had Died.........

......... if you read the politics page of today's on line Herald.

No less than seven stories about the late Jim Anderton.   No wonder I've gone off NZ politics.

As far as I'm concerned he was a political deadbeat whose only claims to fame were to foist onto NZers an unnecessary loss making state owned bank and to instruct Helen Clark to get married if she wanted to be PM.

The absolute nadir of his political career came late in the piece when he tried to appropriate a Christchurch property belonging to the Anglican Church.


Allan said...

Couldnt agree more, well said. I turned the volume on my TV down when they broadcast the funeral as I would not have been able to stomach the hypocrisy of the eulogies. Anderton was very well paid for the time he spent at the trough:end of story!! He deserves no accolades whatsoever as is time was spent legislating to take from those who worked the hardest and give to those who felt that the world owed them a living. His policies did nothing to improve the economy of NZ but instead they created an endless drain on the coffers and because of this the subsequent lowering of the living standards of the average NZ'er.

Snowflake said...

Typically generous and compassionate smearing of the recently deceased. Proves again the moral superioty of the Tory ruling class. Take a bow guys!

gravedodger said...

Compared to the grave dancing and villification Baroness Thatcher attracted on her passing from the very nice people from the left, The Troughmaster General got off lightly methinks.

He was extremely well rewarded for his 40 years of "service".

Your name is very apt, now about Venezuela?

David said...

Thatcher deserved every bit of the vilification both alive and dead. She led the destruction of the social compact, the hollowing out of middle class and the near death of the underclass. She left the UK in a far worse state than she found it and laid the seeds for other idiots like Farage and Johnson to rise up. She was, first and foremost, a vile person.

Compared to Thatcher, Anderton was a Saint.

And WTF has Venezuela got to do with Anderton's death? Nothing, except your pathological need to deflect and smear anyone who dares disagree with the bile you post.

gravedodger said...

Fortunately David was able to make its comment totally devoid of anything remotely resembling a bile driven rant.

Without Margaret Thatcher The UK would now be the Venezuela of Europe instead of a re-emerged nation, the envy of those who will have to pick up Britain's share of the support for the PIGS.

That nice Mr Halfa Scargill back in the news recently defending his troughing as NUM supremo, thankfully The Iron Lady saw him off.

Really nice and misunderstood those socialists, as demonstrated by the Yorkshire WMC that seriously considered a whip around to fund the still free Bomber who failed at the Conservative Party conference at Brighton to kill Margaret, to have another go.

Anonymous said...

Time has proved David correct. Thatcher passed many laws that were overdue including restricting the power of the unions that were ruining the country. However the selling off of the vast council owned housing stock and the privatising of the railways and utilities has caused extreme hardship for the many and for the benefit of the few. If I had said in the 80's that the homeless would be camped in shop doorways in every major UK city I would have been accused of scaremongering and politicking.

Dodgers rose coloured glass view from the Akaroa bunker and vineyard does not match reality. Three million people are two paydays away from rent arrears or eviction as the housing stock has fallen into the hands of corporations who have to please their shareholders. One Chinese company owns 3000+ houses in Kent.

You either invest in the infrastructure of your utility or you ensure your shareholders get a handsome dividend so that you retain your job.......the boss of Severn Trent water our local supplier took home NZ$5,000,000 last year.

Both cream and scum float to the's how you separate them that counts. Thatchers legacy unravelled years ago and her name is rarely mentioned in either the Tory party or the media.

Lord Egbut