Monday, January 29, 2018

You Got What You Didn't Vote For

Charter Schools - out.

Corporate welfare for a dying industry - in.

Which investment represents the best return on capital?

With the plethora of gambling activities available today I don't understand what keeps horse racing alive.   During the 1950s 'the races' was a big event because there was not much else.  Not so today so it is no surprise that charlatan Peters is repaying some of his many debts.

One wonders what he will give the scampi industry?

When will he repay that $158,000 he stole?   That is the question.


Anonymous said...

He will never repay that money, never ever ever. And never be made to.


pdm said...

Norris nailed it.

Adolf I have to disagree re interest in the racing industry. mrspdm reckons racing was bred into me and she may to some extent be right as my maternal grandfather operated his telephone account until I think the day before his death at age 96. Having said that I do not agree one bit with what Peters is trying to do.

I will still have a couple of percentage quaddies on Saturday whatever happens.

George said...

Hey br fair.
As mentioned above one requires a suitable backdrop when serving Scampi.
It would appear that this is his personal gift to himself as a memorial to himself.