Friday, January 12, 2018


See here     You can argue the toss as to whether they are Bogans or Ferals.    For me just plain arseholes will do just fine.

Nuff said.


David said...

probably neither. More likely to be from the North Shore with a great sense of self entitlement.

The Veteran said...

David ... why do you say that?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Because he's one of those strange South Islanders who resents North Islanders taking the SI's power.

I can assure david there are plenty of bogans, ferals and arseholes resident on the North Shore. They can be found in places like Northcote and Birkdale.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

America was built on people who, despite their varied backgrounds, became Americans first and whatever else second. Things have changed Egbut.

Anonymous said...

Says the anonymous spokesman for 323 million people......don't you understand the word diversity or did you just read your post off the whiteboard.

Lord Egbut

David said...


Obviosly you han't heard of

African - Americans
Italian - Americans
Hispanic - Americans
Greek - Americans
Irish - Americans
Indian - Americans

I could go on, but I doubt you'd get the point.

Shelldrake said...

Plenty of Bogans and Ferals in the South Island.

West Coast, Southland and of course the Village of the Damned.

The Veteran said...

Folks ... appreciate if you would desist from threadjacking my posts.

David ... Bogans, Ferals and Arseholes are NOT the preserve of any particular demographic. Your 6.19 post highlights your stupidity but I don't expect you to understand the point.

David said...

Bogans, Ferals and Arseholes are NOT the preserve of any particular demographic.

Bogans and Ferals are an identifiable demographic. Advertisers and marketers know how to promote products they will buy.

I'll bow to your superiority in arseholery.