Friday, January 12, 2018


Weeks ago a Sri Lanka couple lawfully working in Queenstown faced deportation after Mrs SR. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological affliction that currently has no cure but will incur costs both medical as in drugs and physical as in hardware - handrails wheelchair etc downstream.

Recent days has another family, from The Republic of South Africa this time, living and working in Dunedin with two teenage boys, the older at uni but alas the younger facing renal problems that could require a kidney transplant, are also facing deportation.

Meanwhile on another planet resides a fairy dust purveyor who wants to bring into this caring and welcoming nation hundreds of young men who are at present enjoying very comfortable facilities on a PNG offshore island after being tumbled trying to enter Australia as illegal immigrants by paying people smugglers thousands of USD.
Many if not every one of these well proven antisocial "men"  have criminal and behavioural tendencies that will incur massive downstream costs and very likely abysmal failure to assimilate as citizens of this nation. A very necessary facet for intending "new" arrivals, apparently successfully accomplished by Mr and Mrs SL with their children and Mr and Mrs SA and family, who are to be given the arse card.

In recent memory another immigrant refugee, this one from Somalia, boarded a small commercial aircraft at Blenheim airport bound for CHC, then somewhere en route attempted to hijack the plane to fly her and her unwilling fellow passengers across the Tasman sea.
I understand that deranged woman is still incurring costs as she remains in this country on welfare and likely incurring mental health issue costs along the way.

Maybe someone smarter than moi can make sense of what seems to me to be total idiot grade nonsense from immigration NZ?
Minister Lees Galloway, now that's a hard one,  his first job will be assessing the secretarial pool for talent if my sources are to be believed, while Wallace  and Gromit recover from the gnashing and wailing over the passing of a former 'Trughmaster General'.

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