Sunday, January 28, 2018


But I have to admit I'm seriously considering voting 'Green'.    The Far North District Council is holding a By-Election in the Whangaroa Ward to elect a replacement for Willow-Jean Prime who resigned her seat following her election to Parliament.

David Clendon, the ex Green MP,  who resigned from his Party  over the Me Tu affair is standing.    He is likely to get my vote.     He did what he did because he determined it was the right thing to do regardless of the cost ... and the cost was his seat.   Clearly he is a man of principle and for that he has my respect and my support.

I think Clendon will be a valuable addition to the Council table.     Mind you, the other three candidates aren't too much chop ... an activist Maori; a failed Mayoral candidate and a no-name Community Board member with her eye on the main chance.

May God have mercy on my soul.


pdm said...

Best you have a good stiff whisky before casting your vote Vet - to dull the pain.

Anonymous said...

Although David Clendon did do the right and principled thing in resigning Vet, his days were numbered as an MP - he was going to be dropped down the list (to about the Denise Roche level) so that even if the Greens had got the same percentage of votes as 2014, he still would be below their elected list cutoff number. He suffered not only from having principles, but he also was unfortunate to have a penis, and didn't fit the eunuch or gay quota requirment.

Chloroform and a prescription for anti-anxiety treatment should see you through the trauma of allocating him your allowed 'cross'. At least you then get the right to criticise any of his decisions later on (if he should be elected) for having actually voted.


Noel said...

Was a time when selecting a council representative that political leanings had no importance.
Their reputation as a member of the community was more important than any political stance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Faust and Churchill both had the right idea.

Your decision sounds pretty easy really.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... not in our four main cities. Labour candidates stand under the Party banner or as a ticket. Indeed, Labour's constitution provides for the setting up of Local Body Committees (clause 3.20.1) while stipulating that all persons elected to public office who describe their affiliation as 'Labour' or 'Labour Party' are bound by the Parties Policy Platform (clause 4.1(d).

Nothing much wrong with that as long as the voting public understands they are not able to vote a proposal on its merits where that proposal conflicts with Party policy.

Not sure about the Greens. National does not stand candidates as such.