Thursday, January 18, 2018


The crash can be spectacular and complete.

As CNN, along with MSNBC, (now there is a mentally deranged person in Rachel Maddow) and other once great networks, whose opposition to the election of Trump as POTUS is unrelenting,  now a year on from his victory over Clinton Foundation beneficiary, Hillary,   it is becoming only embarrassing. The handling of the "Annual Medical" conducted at Bethesda Military hospital  under the leadership of Ron Jackson who has held the same task for the last three presidents, by many in the media pack, borders on the very insanity the network clings to increasingly desperately to hang The President with..

Never pick a fight with someone who buys Ink by the Barrel is a well worn bit of parlance from US history of very powerful newspaper figures, albeit becoming increasingly irrelevant in the digital age.
The warning is now applied to one who buys data in bulk or creates  the controls a platform  to dispense it and some of those have power to match the Hearsts of a century ago.

William Randolph Hearst  was once a king pin of print media yet he lost most of his wealth and his publishing empire mainly because he backed losers.

Early example of backing the wrong horse arose from his almost hatred of everything British,  he opposed the  League of Nations,  he backed losing presidential candidates, was more than sympathetic to the rise of Nazi Germany, he then opposed perhaps the most popular modern US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
His end times were a long way short of the great wealth that saw him astride the print media for decades.

I guess my choice to include Fox News in my infotainment diet that has snowflakes so derisive, may just be a better informed choice than those who include so much of the kindergarten efforts in the NZ sandpit by what passes for media here.
The current machinations around whos who in TV ones stable is of very little concern, Hayley Holt who only a few short months ago was a flagship Melon candidate  is headed for a "prime" slot with Vunder Kid Tame merely brings a "so what". Who will watch it to be informed amongst the thousands who will be seduced by her undoubted talents in "Infotainment".

Yes I still hanker for the days when erudite commentators and editorialists opined without ever divulging their personal political stance, they dealt in analysis and backgrounding.
Watching Brian Edwards in his prime before he joined the socialists to make a difference, he seemed to be searching for answers from  any politician across the spectrum.

Today the electronic media options have largely negated the once awesome power of newspapers but the fawning obsessive behaviour of modern journalist impersonators is merely light entertainment yet sadly democracy demands that all citizens who might get direction from the vacuous, get to exercise their inalienable right to vote.
Hence we have a PM chosen by a well past his use by date dinosaur, local councils governed by people who would struggle to run the affairs of a scout troupe, and a politicised public service that once held a principle of neutrality, sacrosanct.

A word of warning to CNN, the light at the end of the tunnel is more likely an oncoming train.


Anonymous said...

Until such time, like never, the transcripts of the "test" are released we are totally in the dark and speculating on Drumphs cognitive ability.

Several friends did the test (as in the Herald) at a dinner party last night and it quickly become apparent that random allocation of numbers in the maths side had a bearing on whether you scored 29 or 30. Those that drew 6, 7 or 8 fared worse than those who drew 2,3 and 5. Much to my chagrin I scored 29, but I did get the lion right. This of course proves that I have propensity to chuck my toys out of the pram when ever the mood takes me.

Lord Egbut

Unknown said...

Nowadays the traditional media can be taken with a grain of salt.
It comes down to inviting a healthy dose of skepticism with every claim and every article.

Anonymous said...

Now days unknown opinions can be binned as worthless.

David said...

Gravedodgider, just what is your problem with Democracy?