Saturday, January 27, 2018


Well deep state anyway.

In the declining months of the increasingly exposed dodgy Obama regime that became increasingly focused on preserving the facade of a 'Legacy' by ensuring a successful outcome for Clinton Mk ll, a very politicized Department of Justice cabal embarked on a bizarre and corrupt unlawful path.
Their arrogance and smugness seemed unbounded as the now rediscovered five months of Strzok/Page messaging reveal.

A very well hidden from discovery campaign began with the protection of ex Secstate Hillary Clinton from some questionable activities during her time as head of Obama's foreign policy. Use of an email server, exposed and beyond official channels, Bengazi deaths, permitting the transfer of 25% of US strategic Uranium to a Rusian company, and corrupt garnering of formidably wealth to continue the Clinton dynasty were among many questionable activities all reasonable successfully run avoiding scrutiny from Lawmen and  a complicit media.
While obfuscation and corrupt activities at the very heart of the DoJ and the FBI combined to be employed to first bury Bernie Sanders who had emerged as a credible threat to do an Obama to the Clinton second tilt and derail the Billary show, some very important people became enmeshed either innocently as in Rank and file "Gmen" and corruptly as in top brass.
My incomplete list includes Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, Huma Abedin

An Airport apron meeting between Ex Potus Bill Clinton and Head honcho of the DoJ Loretta Lynch was fobbed off to a complacent MSM as talk of social and family matters, when a short time later the HC investigation was down graded by Lynch's department.
The Issue of a FISA Warrant to enable the electronic surveillance of Trump Tower on another illegal concept.
A concerted campaign of FBI activity that included Now dumped FBI Director James Comey, his Deputy Andrew McCabe, and FBI intelligence top man Peter Strzok who in an impressive tranche of emails to his lover and fellow top operative in McCabe's team, Lisa Page, all contributed to a series of moves to assist Clinton to enable the consolidation of the Obama legacy.  How in the hell so called busy high flyers had the time to create the now rediscoverd mind boggling pile of incriminating data is another mystery.

The official inquiry into some of the dodgy acts from her Secstate career and then campaign for Potus was downgraded from 'investigation' to "a Matter".

A decision was taken to find no evidence and effectively "clear" the candidate along with documents saying so  drafted days before Hillary was even "interviewed"??????

In a bizarre twist when Comey, under oath was asked by a senate inquiry if that timeline above was a fact,  Comey said "no", now proven to be false but he then added the kicker," if any of my colleagues at the Bureau think this is not true or I am lying would they please contact my office for  continued discussions". Bizarre seems suddenly somewhat inadequate.

It is serious folks and NZ is being treated like 'mushrooms' as Our Media continue to peddle the WaPo, CNN, New York Times BS that is the only news slant that daily invades Infotainment here.
Can anyone point to a single bit of unbiased information promulgated by what passes for NZ media enlightenment as to anything Trump has achieved sans the nauseating pack mentality output of fake news repeated.

Feel free but be warned personal abuse of the poster or his colleagues will see any such inane output deleted and goneburger, no ifs buts or maybes. Even if other content of such comment includes an appearance of worthy opinion.
I have no wish to edit, and my delete button really is bigger than yours, so adult and reasonable could be  the standard desired.


The Veteran said...

Luv the bit about my delete button is bigger than yours and it probably needs to be because any comment defending Trump or alternatively attacking Clinton (both) and/or Obama is likely to be met with a deluge of invective directed personally at you.

This from someone who holds firm to the view that America deserved much better than what was on offer last time round.

Snowflake said...

THe FBI via Comey threw the election to Trump, despite the fact that his senior campaign staff were rightly being investigated for colluding with the Russians (which the FBI kept secret until after the election), so yep something’s up. You just have it arse backwards as usual.

BTW, what do you think of the President of the United States paying off a porn star a few weeks before the election to keep quiet about an affair? Imagine if Obama did that... It’s OK if Trump does it though right?

Anonymous said...

In relation to your comment above Vet I do agree that of all the 300+ million Americans Trump and Clinton were really the best candidates available?

However of these two, choosing a buffoon over smarmy and corrupt is an easy choice.

Say what you like about Trump, his heart is in the right place.

Clinton's heart was damaged long ago. Years of hatred and bitterness towards her husband's unfaithfulness has morphed into a degenerate corruption where the pursuit of power outweighs any ethical considerations.

I believe this is because her decision not to divorce Billy boy and discrediting his victims decades ago was justified within herself due to her focus on pursuing the ultimate prize.

Now that prize is lost to her for ever due to her own corruption and ineptness and now she only has the empty pecuniary reward from her decades of graft.

In her rage at Trump over her loss in 2016 her poison is affecting all except the target of her hatred.


Snowflake said...

If you think Trump’s heart is in the right place you have a very odd idea of physiology don’t you Jimmie. I guess you have a degree in medicine as well as one in physics?

Did you know that the President of the United States bought off a porn star he had a affair with just before the election and just after a tape was released of him bragging about his ability to sexually abuse women? But his “heart is in the right place” right?

gravedodger said...

Now Snowflake accepting that the Special prosecutor has been working on the Russian Collusion for nine months and so far produced no credible witness to back your belief how about addressing the recently discovered evidence in support of what the post was about.

Oh that is the truth isn't it Fox news is promulgating Your view of fake news so NZ should make do with the masive conspiricy that NZ media is obsessed about and therefore delivers daily to its mushrooms.

Those Blackberries are forerunners of robotic dominance and dived under the hammers to protect the world, after an acid wash of course.

I doubt you would recognise Obstruction of justice or corruption even if woven into a rope to hang you with.

Snowflake said...

Sorry I have literally no idea what you’re trying to say. Do you have an interpreter who can put that into English?

You have no evidence of malfeasance against Trump at the FBI, and are simply attempting to paraphrase Faux News talking points (I think, as you’re totally incoherent).

There is however a stack of evidence that Trump and co are in it up to their necks with the Russians, hence the indictments against his senior staffers, Flynn being in the Russian payroll, the firing of Comey when he didn’t to as he was told, the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower to talk about dirt on Clinton and on and on and on, son.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Now the world sees the real reason for 'the resistance.'

They are all terrified their crimes will be uncovered and Hillary's win was carefully orchestrated to ensure they would be protected.

Putin will be asking the FBI to conduct refresher courses for his modern day KGB.

Paulus said...


Evidence to your crap please- If the Washington Post and the New York Times cannot find(make) anything of substance then your expertise is required.
Where is the evidence please !

Snowflake said...


The Trump regime has admitted the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower to discuss the Russians “dirt” on Clinton. Trump has admitted on television to firing Comey over Russia. Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI and his payment from the Russians are public knowledge. The FBI was investigating Russian collusion by Trump prior to the election but kept it secret and this favoured Trump, as did Comey’s unwarranted reopening of the email witch hunt a week out from the election. You only watch Fox so probably don’t know any of this, so Google it. On the other hand, evidence of FBI favouritism towards Clinton exists only in the unwell mind of Trump and his toadies.

I must say it’s funny watching you guys fall over yourselves to defend the President of the United States who paid off a porn star just before the election to cover up one of his tawdry affairs. At least that one was consensual, unlike God knows how many of his other encounters with poor women. The right is so moral.

Psycho Milt said...

Be careful, a steady diet of Fox News and other nutbar right-wing opinion sites will rot your brain.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, that would be so sad, after having their spines rotted by the bilge spewing from NYT, WAPO, CNN, TVNZ and RNZ?

RosscoWlg said...

Well on the scale of relative corruptness I would put possible inappropriate use of a sausage low down on my scale (some NZ PM's could be accused of the same thing, Bill Clinton springs to mind here too)versus systematic corruption on a large scale over a significant period of time, pretty high up high up on that scale.

Given the nature of politics I suspect most world leaders are about at the Trump position on my scale. Trump is no shrinking violet, that's what I love about him.

He'll go from strength to strength while Hilary...... (fill in your own answer Poolus

Snowflake said...

Well apparently the right consider serial sexual offending fine in its presidents and senators. Understood. To suggest however that that's the worst Trump has been up to is slightly retarded even for a Tory.

With Hilary, the rabid right gave been digging for 30 years and have scored how many indictments? If she has done anything you guys are pathologically stupid.

RosscoWlg said...


Well apparently the left consider serial sexual offending fine in its presidents and senators. Understood. To suggest however that that's the worst the Clintons have been up to is slightly retarded even for a Socialist (Liberal, Communist, Libtard, Jacinda adorer, Greenie, Winston lover,...delete non applicable )

With Trump, the rabid left gave been digging for 30 years and have scored how many indictments? If he has done anything you guys are pathologically stupid.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Somebody please kick my arse twice if ever again I use the word 'well' as preface to a comment.

Anonymous said...

The last US election has long disappeared from the rear view mirror and it's main players relegated to history. Obama retired gracefully and takes the odd non presidential potshot from the wings,not that I blame him. Ms. Clinton has become an "elder statesman" ie finished and only to be wheeled out at fundraisers......yet on and on and on they keep being resurrected as though they had the secret of the meaning of life and did not tell us.

This post and other's like it, usually filched from a Breibart site are diversions that are intended to concentrate attention away from the failures and lack of joined up thinking in the White House. Nice example this morning. The Trump administration, at the behest of Boeing and with little evidence, slapped 292% Tariff on the Canadian aircraft Bombardier some of which is made in Nth Ireland. This was overturned by the WTO a few hours ago....another failure that can disguised by the cry "fake news" and Obama signed the papers.

In spite of links I have posted from European papers on the Russians interference in EVERYONES elections and its ever increasing cyber war capabilities Dodger and his ilk believe they are clean.

The whadaboutery on this site is making it a laughing stock.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

So stop doing it then - its not different when you do it.


Anonymous said... are back Mr. Christian railway enthusiast from St Petersburg. It is "no different".

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

The actual basis for the toxic nutbar sludge Gravedodger is peddling in the OP is this:

The Republicans want to destroy the public’s faith in the impartiality of the FBI, in order to undermine Mueller. Their aim is to insulate Trump against the obstruction of justice charges the special counsel is said to be contemplating.