Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Progressive Bros

Three weeks ago, Adolf and The Cook chatted to the house-keeping staff at the Mercure Hotel.  They were Maori girls from Rotorua.  Yesterday Adolf went into town for a haircut.  The barber was a young Maori fellow originally from Masterton.

Today Adolf went into town to mow the small lawn in front of his daughter's business premises.  After that he took daughter and grandson for lunch at the local fish and chippery.  The proprietor is a Maori fellow from Te Kuiti with various members of the whanau working in the business.  Without doubt the best fish and chips anywhere.

Image result for aj's fish and chips bunbury menu

Of one thing you can be sure. 

These people never will be followers of Harawira.  All the dead beat hangers on stay home with their hands out, looking for more.


pdm said...

Was telling my daughter and son in law about the fish and chip shop - they lived in Perth a few years ago and asked where it was.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Anonymous said...

PDM.... 36 Symmons St Bunbury. Just walked past it on Google earth. Photo copied off Brochure/Menu.

All we need now is photo of the lawnmower.....bet he cant do it.

Mike Hunt

Anonymous said...

The WA Maori are mainly those, and the children of those who migrated in the 1970's at the height of iron ore boom at Mt Tom Price and Dampier. There were 100s who stayed on on those halcyon days, including many Vietnam Vets. They are Australian more than Maori.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

I think that might habe been the point of the post, citizens of Maori extraction in Bunbury might just be the proof of Ngata and others dire predictions as to what "welfare" would do to early immigrants.

Snowflake said...

Hmmm, ya Gravetodger, ya. Strokes chin.

God you guys talk crap.

B Whitehead said...

One of the advantages of living out of NZ, is that it gets you away from the negative peer pressure that is commonly found in NZ.

pdm said...

Snowflake - not surpising you know nothing of Sir Apirana Ngata or James Carroll who were early Maori members of the NZ Parliament and who had the best interests of Maori people at heart. Both made major contributions to New Zealand and remain greatly respected.

Again your ignorance shows so you should stick around this blog because you will learn more than at your natural habitat of the Daily Blog.