Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Expose the fake news purveyors with real time evidence.

Amidst the cacophony of the latest lefty media Trump attacks, attempting to use a question of the Don's mental fitness for office, today "The Story" from Fox News 1300 hrs NZ Summer time, broadcast part of a meeting in the White House being chaired by POTUS, with a mixture of Republicans and Democrats on immigration with a focus on the children of illegals with US citizenship, courtesy of their rule granting that status if born within the territorial borders of The US - umbrella acronym DACA.

A meeting opportunity recorded so rarely and unscripted with a bunch of legislators, many with a history of opposition, so revealing of a man in total command and control making coherent statements and listening.   In a word "fascinating", an insight totally at odds with the 'mental health' meme, the current weapon of choice by the deranged.

For comparison, Fox network then  played an old clip of the Master of the teleprompter, in a very highly managed one on one where the whole scenario was sterile and forced.

Guess who appeared the more believable?

Summed up by one commentator, POTUS should make more use of such real time revelations and turn his phone off.

All news that wont get any air time though, with The Clinton News Network and the WAPO, as they and their allies are obsessed with full on pursuing the ability of The Don to sing the Natanthem at a college footy match.

Why anyone of intelligence would waste time on a fairytale writer called Wolff who makes Hager look good is one of life's total mysteries in this year of The Dog.


Anonymous said...

That post sounds suspiciously like spin and fake news. A judge has canned Trumps DACA program last night, something which any half assed lawyer could have predicted.

Anything coming out of Fox is suspect even more so when one of David Camerons advisors has been hired as a "political pundit" at an eyewatering salary. His latest claim is that Obama was the most narcissistic man he had ever met and played more golf then the Mango. A bit of a diversion don't you think? As for Wolff, all he did was confirm what we already know........the man is unfit for office and brings it into disrepute

Lord Egbut

Alan Hancox said...

Lord Egbut go back in your slime filled leftest hole. Trump is playing the left like a fiddle, he has the entire leftest media going bonkers because they have nothing. Wait to the 15th when a shed load of data from the Inspector General becomes public knowledge and see how Comey, Clinton and a heap of Democratic operatives will fare.

Anonymous said...

Well said Petrov....maintaining the high standards of Sputnik and RT debate I see. Please post more entertaining stuff. I will look out for your name.

Lord Egbut

Alan Hancox said...

At least I am happy to have my name published, you hide in anonymity while you go under the self appointed peerage moniker of lord egghead or something similar. I too will look out for your utter dribble.