Sunday, January 14, 2018


Farrar has a take on the real reason behind the desire for the lifeboat protection bill that the COL will pass to prevent any Winston First MP acting against their supreme leader.
A list of eighteen MPs who the other little man has seen his political relationship with, crash and burn.

In his post Farrar alludes to the many National MPs who could take his paranoid behaviour, no longer and forced him out of their tent, saying only around four still remain in contact.
That list could be as revealing as the subsequent eighteen of his new 'bestys'  now elevated to non-person status.

Farrar also suggests that the list is around a fifty percent attrition rate, imeho it is rather redundant to suggest that as a factor as his followers fall into two categories, those who have been kneecapped and those still to get a DCM.

Mark (yes another one) Patterson is one currently safe whose profile and reported public views on the NZ body politic seems a rather fragile connect to the 'my way or the highway'  leadership style of the diminutive master manipulator. On the other hand in the total dearth of investigative reporting  and socialist leanings of the pretenders, Patterson was a failed candidate in the scramble to replace English as Clutha MP won by the now destroyed Todd Barclay and who knows what really went down in his "ides of March" but suffice to say his Gore Electorate office supremo also became a new recruit for the WRPF party.
So how long can Patterson stomach the nonsense that the CoL is delivering.

One might wonder how anyone could defend the very dodgy treatment dished out to #16 on Farrar's list who  got his  DCM on the basis of wildly exagerated publicity around a family feud over the estate of his mum, later discredited after official investigation.

I wonder if the GP person charged with scrutinising the right of center blogs will flag the content of Farrar's post and its dangers for their tenuous position at the door of the Winston First Tepee. Paranoia may not be entirely contagious but some mud can contain other life threatening organisms and when it sticks, who knows.

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