Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Amazing Technology

Amazon has opened it's first 'staff free' shop in Seattle.   There are no check outs.  You simply walk in, put what you want into your bag and walk out without speaking to a person or scanning a bar code.

This is a peep into the future of shopping and it should make the sphincters of Matt McCarten and his ilk quiver because there's nobody in the joint who needs a union.  Not only that but there's no such thing as a 'minimum wage.'

Customers download an app onto their phones, which they then scan at turnstiles upon entering the store. As they shop, hundreds of cameras watch them from above, monitoring what they pick up, put down, and put in their bags. As soon as someone picks up an item from the shelf it is added to their virtual cart. If they put it back again, it is immediately removed.
When customers are done shopping, they simply leave the store with their items. Their Amazon account is charged, a receipt is sent immediately to their phone, and they’re on their way. 

Apparently there might be one person in the place to look after refilling shelves which have eluded the robots.


Nick K said...

This is probably why the likes of McCarten and Labour are so concerned about automation. They generally don't give a shit about the workers, it's more about protecting Unions from obliteration. If automation does this, bring it on I say.

Anonymous said...
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David said...

"Protecting unions from obliteration"? Or is the real worry that Bezos is not just replacing workers with robots, but that he is also eliminating customers for his goods and those of others? When all the work is done by robots, who will be able to buy anything?

gravedodger said...

I wonder if Matty is working on a way to extract "dues" from the devices?