Tuesday, January 2, 2018


A cudgel like police strategy to enforce liquor bans leads to batch owners watching their four bottles of wine, costing $250, poured out on the ground when caught in a road block on an access road to a popular beach resort.  Mobile home owners similarly involved with their normal in situ supplies fall foul of plods HQ brain fart.

Of course it is bad to have youths legless and throwing up in gutters but hang on a bit plod.  Who actually poured the excess down  the idjits throats?  Yes, there might be some poor parenting, bad teaching of life skills, and gross stupidity but a batch owner carrying a lawful product to his or her paradise for a long weekend or a mobile home owner carrying a legal substance in their larder?

Don't be so moronic.

If plod is so bereft of training and skills to reach this act of operational stupidity and is unable to function with the law abiding amongst us, then remedial training is indicated.

Of course, if the decline in public support is of no matter then, "carry on plod."


Noel said...

Why do people blame the cops.
The by laws are a Local Council imposition that the police have to enforce.
The original idea was any one with an open bottle in an Alcohol Control Area would see it confiscated.
Later more sub clauses were added including the common one of any alcohol been moved through the area can only be carried if it is for two destinations.
If your going to leave an unfinished open bottle in your camper why should you be treated differently to anyone else?
Your rant should be directed at the appropriate Councils not the police.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Agreed Noel. However, if the police want to retain credibility they should learn the difference between Jim Beam premix and Chateaau Laffite.

They do have a thing called discretion but seem not to have much sense to go with it.

Noel said...

Why should the discretion only be applied to older people in camper vans?

George said...

I take it that the pubs and booze wholesalers there are doing a roaring trade and the cops are stopping people on the streets leading away and making people get rid of their newly purchased booze.
How about people passing through the benighted town on their way to homes or holiday batches with the weeks groceries on board?

Snowflake said...

Yes, why can’t the Police let the elderly break the law with impunity and just focus on someone else? Only young people should be subject to compliance activities. What’s the world coming to?

Noel said...

Don't be silly George. Read the By Laws then comment constructively.