Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Time will tell but some will be feeling their necks exposed.
Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch and others might be sweating  their insurance disolved when Hillary didnt get elected

It is a common factor that a cover up transcends a crime and it is currently getting very interesting in Washington.

A tranche of electronic data that was created by a senior FBI person Peter Strzok and his lover Ms Page during the late stages of the US election and the inauguration period, has a gap with ominous similarities to the infamous eighteen minute gap in the 'Watergate Tapes' that finally sank Nixon.

The stupid bumbling efforts of the "plumbers" who were low level idiots trying by burglary to gain advantage in Nixons re-election efforts could have been buried in the minutiae of dirty tricks, but when a paranoid POTUS sought to ensure his distance by unnecessary Whitehouse involvement that should have never been attempted, his fate was sealed.

Department of Justice and FBI leadership machinations in support of the Clinton campaign that buried Sanders then protected Clinton in her death struggle with Trump is slowly unravelling and there is a real drama unfolding.
These revelations will remain a mystery unless people consciously expose themselves to Fox News or some other alternative to the establishment media engrossed as they are in their ideological battle with Trump.
Of course with our pathetic media who seem enslaved by CNN and the snowflakes it wont see any exposure here in Godzone.

Maybe it will just be a case of a very careless FBI evidence security but I cannot see such a simple sequence as viable, only time will tell, meanwhile a big hole continues to be dug and karma is standing by for an event that could make the AFL grand final seem minor, even  eerily similar to maypole dancing on May Day


Anonymous said...

Jeez...that has to be computer generated.


Duet 21:18-21 said...


Short answer, no.

Long answer, Gravedodger is fucked in the head and incapable of seeing the slowmo coup that is taking place in the US as the Republicans gut every piece of the system that is supposed to ensure free and fair elections.

Duet 21:18-21

gravedodger said...

I guess if the pretend noble thinks the Clinton Machine running over poor old Bernie with the connivance of an Obama controlled "independent" federal agency was an example of democracy then there might be some logical confusion as to who is akshully F*^ked in the head.

Typical snowflake, the Clintons were only all about saving the freee world from Trump, Yeah Right.

Anonymous said...

If you've got plenty of time on your hands, then you'll find the necessary support for Gravedodger's comment on this blog It's necessary to trawl back a couple of weeks.

David said...

Gravedodger, a couple of questions so simple even you can answer them, although I doubt you would understand their import.

1. How many FBI directors did Obama fire?

2. How many FBI directors did Obama ask "Who did you vote for"?

3. Why do you support a POS that is dismantling, piece by piece, what is left of American Democracy?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


A couple of questions even a dickhead could answer.

1 How many FBI, DOJ, CIA, EPA directors did Obama suborn to work for the Democratic Party?

2 Why did Obama not need to ask all those directors 'Who did you vote for?'

3 Why do you support a black arsed gangster who destroyed most of American democracy?

4 What will you have to say when, as is now obvious, it is proven beyond doubt that your black arsed hero of limited intelligence was using government security agencies to spyi on his political opposition?

5 How come with all this inside information, debate questions in advance, his fat arsed medically decrepit, pissed most of the time candidate still lost?

David said...

Jesusonapogostick, Adolf, you ahve lost the plot big time since your move west.

1. Zero

2. Because Obama understood the separation of powers.

3. So it was Obama who redraw the electoral boundaries for partisan advantage? It was Obama who closed polling places and added restrictive voter ID laws? It was Obama who filibustered by reading Green Eggs & Ham for 23 hours? It was Obama who threatened to "take away" CNN's broadcast licence (even though they don't actually have one)?

4. Yeah, I'll believe that one when you produce Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. You know, the one Trump claimed he had. I think it's buried in the basement of Comet Ping Pong. :-)

5. Because the American system is gerrymandered, fucked and was designed to ensure that White male slave owning landholders would maintain their position of privilege. There is nothing democratic about the Electoral College.

There you go, asked and answered, back to your dreaming up more excuses for supporting such a POS.

The Veteran said...

David ... 'there's nothing democratic' about the electoral College. It's 'their' system so suck it up. Question ... who won the popular vote in NZL in 2017. Your answer ... National but MMP is a different system.

Slam dunk.

Anonymous said...

Relying on Fox news is bit like relying on a manufacturers website for customer reviews

The time is drawing near...

Why is Dodger pursuing the Kremlin line?... that post could have come straight out of the Russia Today troll is all very confusing.

Lord Egbut

George said...

After a year and quite a bit they're still on about Russian involvement in the US elections.
Enough already..
Why isn't the same scrutiny applied to all those 'deleted' emails?
other than it was the democrats involved.
As I said enough already...

Waikikamukau News said...

Yeah, enough already, and yet here you are, STILL on about fucking emails? How many did Bush delete?

What's your next line, Troll. Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

Do try and keep up George..the Russian involvement in the US election, Brexit, French and German elections and the Catalonian referendum is proved beyond doubt. The only question now is how much knowledge and complicity did the Trump team have.......we will know shortly.

Lord Egbut