Monday, January 15, 2018


But the furor over his alleged descriptive of certain African failed countries as "Arsehole" states is hardly a hanging offence ... undiplomatic, perhaps, but true nevertheless      What other way would you describe the likes of Somalia, Chad, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Take Somalia where the rule of law simply does not exist; where pirates ply the coast while radical Islamist militias roam the streets of Mogadishu unchecked. 

And if it weren't true why the hundreds of thousands of refugees trying for a better life in anywhere but their native country.

Nah, the snowflake St Jacinda's of this world need to take their heads out of the sand and recognise the reality for what it is instead of pretending it's all a big lie. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The correct term is 'shithole' and he denies he used it. Veteran serial liar Democrat Dick Turpin is the only person at the meeting who alleges he used the particular term.

Just more fake news lapped up by the left.

David said...

Trump is the least racist person you will ever meet. Well, so says Donald Trump.

Trump is the least racist person to refer to Senator with a racist, derogatory name.

Trump is the least racist person to be prosecuted for refusing to rent properties to Blacks and other POC.

Trump is the least racist person to claim a judge would be biased against him because the judge is of Mexican heritage.

Trump is the least racist person to call for the execution of the "Central park Five", because they were both innocent and black.

Trump is the least racist person to say "There were good people on both sides" after white supremacists murdered a woman.

Trump is, quite simply, a disgusting piece of shit who is turning the US in to the type of "shithole" he decries. Taken a look at Puerto Rica lately?

President Trump is ultimately responsible for what happens in Puerto Rico.

Under the Stafford Act, the president takes the lead role in disaster response and recovery in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. He could unilaterally order FEMA and other federal agencies to send more people or direct more resources to the island.

Trump could also publicly pressure the governor to be more forthcoming about the death count. The local government surely shares the blame for the slow response, but the president is ultimately responsible for the lives of the 3.4 million US citizens on the island.

His casual treatment of their struggle may come back to haunt Republicans. Puerto Ricans who live on the island may not have a voting member in Congress, but once they move to the United States, they do.

But Trump has no idea how to any of this, he is incapable of doing his job and has surrounded himself with incompetents.

And that, Adolf, is NOT "fake news".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your friend Big Dog I think it was who said
'You know, it's not that long ago Obama would have been carrying our bags.'

All your examples are, I think, either taken out of context or confected. For example, your reference to Justice Sotomayer fails to point out the inconvenient act she had observed earlier she would be lenient in any case involving Latinos. The case you cite was brought by a Mexican and Trump was quite right to question the bonafides of the judge.

Waikikamukau News said...

Veteran, I'd be interested to know how you define a "shithole country".

There is a huge difference between Chad and Somalia, for example.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...some thing called diplomacy and dignity is missing from the equation. Unlike you he did not specify which countries he was referring to saying basically if you are in Africa you are shithole and we both know that is not true. Yes there are ungovernable countries in Africa but if you look closely they are the ones whose dictators were supported and armed by the west (mainly US and UK) for commercial purposes. Talk big about democracy but do nothing about it was the rule.

Trump did not know what Brexit meant two weeks before the referendum, does not read and gets his news from Fox....nuff said.

Just the other day he said the US embassy in London was a "bad deal" and "sold for peanuts" by Obama.....that would have bee difficult as it is owned by the Duke of Westminster and was under lease. Trump is an idiot of the first order with NO redeeming features that I can see.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It takes a dickhead of the first order to not understand one can sell a leasehold title which is what the US did in this case. They owned the bricks and mortar which were sold, along with the lease.

Loud mouth Ledgut couldn't be bothered to check a few simple facts which even CNN could have told him.

Anonymous said...

It took a year to negotiate the sale of the lease which had absolutely nothing to do with Obama and is not in the public it is commercially sensitive. Trump had no basis to say what he did without proof....he is just playing to his fan base again.....did you notice what I did there?....managed to rebut your argument without recourse to insult and name calling which is always the default posistion for those who have no argument.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Pleased to see our resident perpetual dickhead now realizes one can sell a lease.

Does he seriously think President Trump, steeped in commercial real estate, doesn't know the price which was signed off by Obama?

Anonymous said...

Speculation and deviation not to mention insulting....not worthy of a considered reply.

Lord Egbut

Wilbur said...

And all of the Suds and Skinnies the Howard government imported into South Melbourne have integrated really well . . . .

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... well it certainly was undiplomatic (I he said it). But what he don't have is content and context. One might reasonably assume though he was talking about certain specific countries rather than the whole African nation. Was is not in contention is that there are a number of countries that are shithole/arsehole states and certainly they're not of Trumnp's doing.

Wilbur ... like to authenticate your statement re Howard. Successive Oz governments have imported 'Suds' and 'Skinnies' (along with many other African refugees) as you so quaintly describe them although I suspect the Skinnie appellation puts you in line for demerit points from all Snowflakes.

David said...

the whole African nation

Same mistake most of the right make. Africa is a continent made up of 54 nations.

David said...

For example, your reference to Justice Sotomayer fails to point out the inconvenient act she had observed earlier she would be lenient in any case involving Latinos. The case you cite was brought by a Mexican and Trump was quite right to question the bonafides of the judge.

Jesusonapogostick Adolf, talk about "fake news".

I did not mention Sotomayer, who, in case you hadn't noticed, is not Mexican. Sotomayer was born in New York, making her American. Her parents were from Puerto Rica, meaning they are also Americans.

My reference was to Judge Gonzalo Paul Curiel, whom Trump accused of being biased against him as he was "Mexican". Curiel was born in Indiana, thus, like Sotomayer, is American.

I know that to you and Trump all coloured people look alike, but try to tell your judges apart, at least.

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....assumptions start wars. Your last sounds like smoke and mirrors. 52 staes in the US and some are shithole where none wants to live.....bit like Dargaville. sounds like you get your opinions from the local press....dig deeper before I post next.

Lord Egbut.

The Veteran said...

David ... you're right of course re African nation. Clumsy wording but detracts not from the substance of the argument.

Egbut ... it was a 'reasonable' assumption. Re Dargaville ... the Pinstripe Dwarf comes from Dargaville. He carries the chip on both his shoulders well.