Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

Here we are in 2018.  Does it feel any different from 2017?   Not really.

Yesterday Adolf and The Cook moved out and decamped to a golf course hotel twenty minutes up the road.   Number two daughter was having friends over to celebrate the new year and her recent  birthday.  We were warned it might be 'a bit noisy' so daughter dutifully paid for the hotel room.

Readers will know Adolf enjoys a good hour of brisk walking each morning and this morning, for a change, the circuit was fifteen golf fairways which used up the allocated 65 minutes.   I'm taking about the Mercure Hotel at Sanctuary Golf Resort, Pelican Point, not far from the port of Bunbury.

Walking fairways was very different from walking footpaths and bitumen roads.  Much easier on the hips but still needed a good fifteen minutes of solid stretching afterwards.

An interesting golf course.  One of the highest quality public golf courses I have ever seen.  Links style with lots and lots of water hazard but wide fairways and big greens to get the mugs through quickly.  It looked deceptively easy until you noticed how often the ground within 100m of the greens sloped towards water.  Some of those bunkers looked like the Grand canyon.

At 1540 I had the place to myself.  Apart from, that is, an extraordinary variety of water birds in huge numbers.  No kangaroos were seen,  Not enough cover for them during the day.  What a pity.

During the day I didn't see anyone walking the course so I'm not sure if it is 'cart only.'

Veteren, if you are ever in these parts I'll have to take you there.  I haven't swung a club in six years but this place could get me started again


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find a lawnmower on a golf course. Still trying to establish the dinky di legend. Take him up on it Veteran and if he fronts I will donate $200 to your fund.


The Veteran said...

Sorry Nick ... I don't play games as far as the Trust is concerned but if you believe we are doing the job we are mandated to do I would welcome your support.