Sunday, January 14, 2018


The hard left socialist,  ex Green MP Keith Locke has come out swinging over the hypocricy his successors will exhibit should they line up with the "Preserve Peters Trough bill" currently being highlighted by both Farrar and Slater on their respective blogs.
Strangely a quick scan of current offerings on The Standard where Locke contributes, a big nothing.

As pointed out by the spawn of Elsie and Jack, any political support for the PPTB piddles on the grave of Rod Donald when he was decrying similar threats from the pinstriped dwarf years ago when he, St Rod,  postulated that the then offering would have had the emergence of the once were warriors Greens stopped in its tracks when they left The Troughmaster General's old banger, The Alliance Party.

It really is a two fingere salute to the concience of any MP who might feeel motovated to oppose what they might genuinely see as a  wayward party hierachy. A salient point even the stalinist leaning Locke sees as wrong.
Now that is a real "GEE" who saw that coming.

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