Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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David said...

One picture says it all.

David said...

The Tiny Tyrant is finding this "Presidenting" is hard work. He has to be in the office by 1100 and isn't allowed to leave until 1700, apart from getting "me time" so Fox can tell him what to tweet about next.

He got in a pissing match with Kim over who had the bigger button, only to find out that it was an optical illusion. His tiny hands made his button look bigger than it is.

Meanwhile, the Kunning Korean Kim leaves Trump to fume over his tiny hands and does what Trump cannot - use diplomacy to re-open talks with South Korea and get a delegation to the Winter Olympics. While Trump tweets up a war, Kim drives a wedge between South Korea and the US.

His Big Macs are all soggy from his tears because he cannot sue the author of a book he doesn't like. He can try suing the UK publishers where the libel laws are different, but that would require him to provide a whole host of documents he would rather keep hidden. It would be a total circus.

And to top it off, the FBI is closing in and he has declined a previously agreed interview with Mueller. Panicking that he will blurt it all out or "taking the 5th"? Only time will tell.

Time to buy shares in popcorn.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'd' stands for david, demented, deluded.

All synonyms.

Don't worry mate. Soon you'll be able to barrack for your next loser. That fat little black sheila. The one who snuggled up to Weinstein for twenty years. What's her name again?

David said...

Adolf, what's your problem with Weinstein?

Anonymous said...
This link is the 2nd of 4 (the 4th yet to be posted). In a discussion it is a methodical debunking of the types of arms that Hamas fires into Israel. It confirms other sources that show the arms are merely glorified rockets. Finkelstein also debunks the Israeli defense system, showing it is vastly over-rated.
I read this book The two-state delusion, by Padraig O'Malley, a couple of years back.
“The Two-State Delusion provides an impartial, empathic but relentlessly objective look at our reality . . . [and] a refreshing departure from the blame game in which Israelis and Palestinians and their respective international champions try to make the other side responsible for the peace process’s failure. And it diverges from the tendency to find the trick that will do the job, and comes to a conclusion as intellectually compelling as it is dismaying.”
—Haaretz (Israel). The only conclusion is there is nil solution. A Palestine state is simply not viable