Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Farrar takes time out from parenting to publish some required reading for the appointed one.

Back in the sometimes confusing times following the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy the 35th POTUS, his Veep and successor, a long serving Senator from Texas embarked on FDR's New Deal mark ll.
Lyndon Baines Johnson set out to defeat poverty.
"This administration, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America" was part of LBJ's first State of The Union address to the legislature on Capitol Hill in January 1964.

So what happened, yes then  there was real poverty in depressed decaying industrial areas and much of the South, but twenty two Trillion dollars (a figure that does not include Medicare and social security) spent over time yet the crybaby Democrats are still bleeding  and crying crocodile tears over the  poor people.
An almost un-comprehensible, 22 000 000 000 000, or 22 million millions

Almost all measures of poverty  because of the structures and protocols used will never achieve success.
Here in lil ole NZ, we call poverty as accessing income below an arbitrary figure aligned to the average wage as a percentage. Anyone with a minimal understanding of Maths knows that that figure could be a million dollars and yet under the farcical result the system delivers us around half will still officially "be in Poverdy".

I cannot be arsed to do the maths but I wonder if the 22 trillion had been dispersed along with the benefits of medicare and social security to the less well off would the picture be any different 53 years later.
One certainty, the army of people charged with the management and disbursement of the vast sums might have ended up poorer, but I wonder what the social landscape would appear like.


Psycho Milt said...

Right-wingers always reach for the example of the USA when trying to argue against social welfare systems, for all the world as if they didn't have a much more relevant example right here in their own country. There's a reason why that is...

Anonymous said...

Then how does a far leftie explain the large percentage of people living in poverdy of mind and resources in NZ?

David said...

Dodger, stick to writing about things you understand, like old people blocking the aisles at Akaroa's Four Square.

Quite simply, the $22 trillion is a lie. As is the fact that poverty did not budge. Many people were lifted out of poverty, only to be thrown back in to after the Bush tax cuts for the rich and the GFC.

Perhaps you should ask why the US spends so much money on SNAP because employers pay wages so low that people cannot adequately feed, clothe and house themselves, even though they are in full time work.

How do you think a waiter can exist on US$2.13 per hour? By hoping that a few people feel guilty enough to tip them. Why should an employee be forced to beg for their wages?

The Veteran said...

David ... like most lefties you are playing fast and loose with the truth. The minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour. The $2.13 you quote is the minimum wage for 'tipped' employees. If he value of tips doesn't add up to $7.25 per hour then the employer is required to make up the difference.

If you had ever been to the US you would know that many restaurants add an additional 15-20% to the bill as an 'optional' extra. Payment is expected. An acquaintance of mine working in Cedar City said she made an average of $20-$25/hour in the restaurant she worked at on vacation. Equally, the service is generally better than what you get in Oz or NZL. Better than the 50 minutes Mrs Veteran and I waited for a bkfst order in Paihia recently.

Anonymous said...

I to do not understand this obsession with events in the USA and making political and social comparisons with NZ as it does not work due to pop density, distance and ethnic variations. By that I mean what happens in the State of Minnesota (Scandinavian) is different than Pennsylvania (German) and Massachusetts (Irish) etc.

The USA is 52 different countries and each legislates it's problems in different manner and have their own laws for example Veteran mentioned tipping and minimum wage.....The following states do not have state minimum wage laws: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Others differ in the amounts. So Dodger if you want to talk about Texas or Montana I'm with you but if you keep banging on about the USA as an entity to make a point about NZ then I'll be sorting out my Christmas card collection.

Lord Egbut

Unknown said...

I'm at a bit of a loss, as to why NZ has an obsession with the USA and who they elect as president.
It simply illustrates that Kiwis love to stick their noses in other countries affairs.

George said...

B Whitehead It's just jealousy.
Notice how Putin is up for election and employing all the usual dirty tricks yet our fake news has absolutely nothing apart from a shirtless Putin wading through a hole in the ice..

Anonymous said...

22 TRILLION DOLLARS. A number so big it is almost humanly incomprehensible, or is it? Let's do some math. US population say 350M lets say 20% in "POVERDY" that's 70M. So 22T dollars over 54 years (2018-1964) is 407B per year (still a lot) now that is now spread through 70M people about $5800 per person per year (not nothing, I understand) but how much real difference? Numbers can become very big very quickly but some times when you boil it down it doesn't sound so good or scary (your point of view).


Allan said...

If throwing money at the so called poor solved the situation poverty would have been stopped years ago. It would seem to me that the more money you give to those who have no intention of trying to better themselves the worse the situation gets. A good percentage of those in so called poverty are there because of bad life choices ie no education, solo parents etc. You should be only able to receive a benefit for a finite period so it can not become a lifestyle choice as it is right now.

Anonymous said...

Booze, gambling, ciggies, fast food, latest electronics etc, Warehouse junk. That's where most of the tax payer funded lolly-scramble to the poor will go.