Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Here's mine ......

#1     Females with big tattoos on display.

#2     Males who wear short sox with sandles

#3     Warm beer (with apologies to Egbut who tried to educate me).

#4     BBQs where the gas bottle runs out 2/3 way through.

#5      Demagogues from both sides of the political divide.

#6      Waitresses (and Chefs) who try to talk me out of my order for a steak done blue.

#7      Chardonnay.

#8      When the poached egg on your ceasar salad ain't runnie and the promised anchovies remain just that. 

#9      When you go to fill up the car and petrol that was $1.89.9c/ltr yesterday is now $1.95.9c/ltr.

#10    When you car Navman decides to take you on a mystery tour. 

#11    When you do a very good lag putt and you don't mark it because it's so close to the hole and you steam right ahead and play it out of sequence and you miss.

#12    When Mrs Veteran dings the new car.

And yours??????????



Noel said...

Bought an early Navman using Flybuys.
Every journey said turn left 200 meters at the lights turn right.
On a rural road? Got a chuckle out of every passenger.

Anonymous said...

1/. Males or females with big swirly "I'm a tough guy" tattoos. Filed and labelled for life.

2/. Males with socks and sandals.... but wouldn't have the guts to tell a battle scarred Roman Legionary he looks naff.

3/. Cheap pasteurised beer served icecold to disguise the fact that it actually tastes foul. ( Ideal is Lager 8C, ale 11C)

4/. BBQ's that use gas and not hardwood chippings or Charcoal.

5/. Demagogues from both sides of the political divide.

6/. People who think MacDonalds is a restaurant.

7/. People who think reds should be served at room temperature when it is 30C.

8/. Anchovies in anything unless fresh.

9/. Petrol cars.

10/. Navmans.... (tomtom way to go).

11/. Drawing a 20 year old at social tennis who serves like Sampras and makes no allowance for the fact that you are old and fucked.

12/. When my wife meets your wife in a car park......there is a battered ticket barrier machine at Limoges airport that will bear testament.

Johno said...

Virtue signalling liberal Hollywood #metoo types, wearing badges and black to an awards ceremony... after staying silent for decades when they knew exactly what was going on...

George said...

The way the GPS can get you into a dead end road or head you toward one that was fenced off when it was all horse and dray.
Or finding an address on a country road, not for the faint hearted or any-one trusting technology

Johno said...

"8/. Anchovies in anything unless fresh."

Where do you get fresh anchovies and why would you eat one? They are usually cured/salted and used as a seasoning. I think they'd be icky as a fresh fish - like eating bait.

Anonymous said...

Why should you dump whitebait in a salt marinade? Fresh anchovies are to die for. Mediterranean, Black sea, Aegean...just google

Lord Egbut

Johno said...

Anchovies are nothing like whitebait. Dark and oily vs light and translucent.

No point in googling that. I'm in NZ and as I said, who has fresh anchovies here?


pdm said...

anon 2.43am - excellent but wished you had a nom de plume so that I recognise your post next time.

BTW stayed at Limoges October 2004 in the grottiest of hotels by the railway station. Excellent food though. We did confuse the kitchen lady when we turned up for breakfast an hour early and not knowing that it was the day the clocks were turned back. Her English and our French were comparable - as in non existent.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Your No 9

In south Australia the differential from one day to the next can be as high as $0.40 from a low of $1.05 per litre.

You don't know how lucky you are.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... pretty sure the 2.43 post is from Lord Egbut.

The Veteran said...

Johno 8.26 ... Uptick2

Anonymous said...

Johno........Try Solander Gourmet seafood ..., $12.95 kilo.

A recipe to get you started.......

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One of mine is the modern day habit of 'reaching out.'

What's so difficult about taking to or asking for comment.

And then of course comes 'going forward.'