Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Our Prime Minister, chosen by Mr 5 percent, has been widely panned 'across the ditch'  for her ill advised conversations around the scum presently living it up on PNG territory on Manus Island where they languish having been thwarted from entering The Lucky Country by Abbott's very effective 'Sovereign Borders' policy creations.

I posted at the time the now proven fertile and hence regarded by some as beyond criticism, chosen one, was courting a disastrous fracture of the historical bond that carries the ANZAC title.
Since CER cemented that special relationship as delivering some unique freedoms inherent in business, travel and cooperation along with many other convenience factors and it could all be at serious risk from the patently amateur gobbing off from one raised quickly beyond her comfort zone.

Well things are very close to a total breakdown, maybe not yet in an official acknowledgement at the top level but certainly at a submerged level where reality is the only currency.

A woman who became PM at the whimsical Utu driven desires of another clinging to his place at the trough by his fingertips really needs someone with a greater grasp of the reality of geopolitics for advice before a bond forged over a century of common interests is trashed leaving us more isolated  and potentially in a very lonely  place in the South Pacific.

Pretending a situation of "independence" that can morph into a threatened position very quickly should be front and center of any consideration in strategic status at all times.

Aus PM Turnbull was quite blunt when he advised the world, People Smugglers were apparently emboldened by Ardern's thoughtless and stupid pronouncements that had culminated in Aus security forces  intercepting three boats of fakugees said to be headed for New Zealand. That was unwelcome confirmation of the "not if but when" unpleasant truth.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of translating that into understandable English


gravedodger said...

Akshully no, its like poverdy and all the other mangling of our language.
If it offends just led id go and find another target for your daft ignorance of what passes in the 21st century for communication.
I dont even get paid unlike the many others trained and skilled.
My reward is already in situ as therapy, and my therapist is happy with my progress.

Almost a match for the bimbo who from the Christchurch Newstalk ZB news room who came up with the doozy this AM that many of the Wells that supply CHC water are below ground level since the seismic activity and therefore subject to a threat of contamination.
I struggle to remember when those wells were securely above the ground.
Of course she might have been referring to the wellheads, now that could be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks it now.

The Veteran said...

GD ... was going to post on this but you beat me to it. Simple question ... will the naivety displayed by the Prime Minister translate into 'blood-on-their-hands' for the government as people smugglers, emboldened by that naivety, turn their attention to making it across the Tasman with all the attendant danger. No danger to 'them' of course, the monies in the bank; all you need is a leaky boat, some half baked sailors, a compass that points south-east and some very desperate people prepared to believe anything.

'Her' response to the revelations from Oz ... 'that is not my understanding' translates to 'Turnbull in a liar'. Clearly the trans-tasman relationship has never been in 'better' shape ... cough.

So, what will it take for 'her' to be proved wrong ... ten, thirty, fifty drownings ... and then what?

Allan said...

Adern is as shallow as a car park puddle, her work experience in the real world was in a fish and chip shop and since then she has been surrounded by sycophants whose views on how the world should operate were moulded by reading about a Socialist Utopia which of course could never exist as history has shown. Of course she has no understanding of what is going on in the real world and how a Prime Minister should behave. Since returning from the UK she has been placed on a pedestal by the members of the Labour Caucus who saw her as the only saviour of their jobs and told by those members that she can do no wrong and her word is sacrosanct. As a result of that history we have a person who is not capable or suitable as our Prime Minister. The geriatric dwarf certainly has a lot to answer for.

Gerald said...

Was there similar "chatter" when John Key made the original offer????

Noel said...

Australian argument hasn't changed since then suggesting whoever makes the offer will increase the chatter.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... Key didn't push the offer in the way St Jacinda did including suggesting direct negotiation with the PNG government bypassing Oz. Your poster girl's naivety has emboldened the people smugglers and any fallout can be laid directly at her door.

The pinstripped dwalf will not be pleased having to trudge behind picking up her poo.

David said...

Between GD, Vet and Adolf, I don't believe that there is a shred of humanity, of compassion, of the better Angels of our nature.

The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

The Veteran said...

David ... you talk crap. Don't lecture me about compassion. What's compassionate about emboldening people smugglers? You sir (and I say that advisedly) have blood on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Each and every drowning of a smuggled person on a leaky boat will be a nail in her political coffin.

It's hard to imagine why such an empty, vacuous, virtue signalling, self absorbed woman is being lauded and protected by a complicit media. I will personally hold her to account for each and every person, given false hope by her utopian ideological showing off and !anus cuddling I will hold her personally responsible for the death of every adult and doubly so for helpless children. I cannot for the life of me how people can't see her for what she is. Shallow, intellectually challenged, vain and plain ignorant.

This is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Manus cuddling

Waikikamukau News said...

Veteran, the "blood on their hands" rightly belongs to Bush, Blair and
Howard, the triumvirate of war criminals. It was they who created to refugee
crisis by destroying Iraq, and Ethiopia, by making promises to Afghans that
they could never keep. And those that followed them have added to the
refugee toll with their actions in Syria, their arming of and support for
the murderous Saudis in Yemen, their continuing destabilisation of Iran.

Maybe drowning at sea is a better option than being burned alive by the
(illegal) incendiary bombs being used on civilians.

If you're that worried about "the invasion" you could get a few old mates together and napalm any who attempt to gain sanctuary in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

The rhetoric on both sides of the divide is pure speculation and it saddens me that the PM is being hung out to dry and her character blackened without one iota of evidence to support this nonsense. She has made sensible progress so far but there is long way to go and it will be interesting to see whose side our resident trolls are on when the effects of Trumps ill advised trade war kicks in.......that will test her mettle because we are about to be hurt....badly.

Lord Egbut

Waikikamukau News said...

No Egbut, "we" will not be hurt badly when the "we" is The Trump Echo Chamber that passes for commentary on this once sensible blog. They are all old, white, straight men who won't live long enough to see the damage caused, and they don't give a shit about future generations. That is exactly why they love Trump.

The Veteran said...

Waikikamukau News ... since when have I been a echo chamber for Trump ... Psycho Milt too ... and Nick K ..and if you want to play the ageist game and others that sez more about you than us. Sad.