Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bogans or Ferals?

That is the question.

What's the difference between a Bogan and a Feral?

Today Adolf sat for twenty minutes outside Coles waiting for The Cook and No 2 grandson to complete their shopping.  Watching the people go by I couldn't help notice a marked difference between the passers by in this part of Western Australia and those in South Australia who I observed for seven years.

In the northern suburbs of Adelaide one saw a large number of fat slobs with their obscenely fat offspring tagging along, carting their shopping trolleys, overloaded with potato crisps, sausage rolls  and 2l bottles of Coke out to the car park.  There were plenty of grotesque tattoos and loud raucus voices.

Today, I saw only one such creature, with his dacks hanging off his arse, loudly conversing with what passed for a female in the cultured vernacular in which every second word is 'fuck or fuckin'.'

So I wondered whether this fellow was a Bogan or a Feral.

The Cook opined later that Bogans are up market Ferals.    Does that mean Ferals with Gucci handbags?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I always thought a Bogan was a subset that involves a mix of Mullet hairdo, greasy beer stained Led Zeplin singlet, several half fixed cars scattered around their section, and heavy metal blasting from their 1993 solid state stereo. (Mostly white working class)

A Feral's life involved a mixture of alcohol, weed, meth, ciggies, unwanted children, and is regulated by benefit payment cycles and trips to the local penitentiary to visit 'dad'.
Also throw in regular shop lifting charges when acquiring some of life's little luxuries.
(A big percentage of Maori/PI with pockets of hippy whities on the West Coast/Coromandel/Nelson)

I think the big point of difference is that a bogan mostly holds down some kind of job that funds their lifestyle where as your traditional Feral is a professional beneficiary.


pdm said...

Adolf the more important question is how you avoid entering the supermarket. mrspdm drags me in most weeks to be the trolley pusher and there is mostly no escaping by just sitting in the car.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The answer is simple.

'Look dear, I'll drop you off while I refuel the car and check the tyres. Meet you at Coles when you've finished he shopping.

Coles provide a number of relaxing arm chairs in the mall near their check outs. Very civilized.

gravedodger said...

How do you guys get the good stuff like avos a ripe pineapple and chocolate in the necessities, I allow swmbo to use the cart as a mobility aid, works well here.