Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Mrs Veteran is a lovely lady except when she sits in the passenger seat of our car.    I like to drive at 100; she prefers 90 (and tells me constantly).    When I have the windscreen wipers on intermittent she inevitably suggests I should have them on full.     I like the air- conditioning on; she prefers it off. 

She is forever reminding me that she has done a defensive driving course and perhaps I ought to do one too.

And so it was that yesterday that a very chastened SWMBO came home and let go with the news that she had hit another car while reversing out of her carpark space in Paihia central.

We had a very quiet drive to the panel-beaters in Kerikeri this morning.    Not a word spoken about my driving ability in fact not much speaking at all.


Johno said...

Bask in the warm glow of righteousness while it lasts, Vet!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Do I take it the other car was stationary? Oh dear dear.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... you cannot take it.

Noel said...

I distinctly remember the New zealand Army introducing Defensive Driving Courses long before it was fashionable elsewhere.
I also remember the instructor saying on approaching a corner brake to the left of the road, allow centrifugal force to move the car inside the centre line and power out.
Do the continue to teach that? There a couple of corners near my place where I start the manuver near in the ditch to allow for those I'm going to meet crossing the centre line.
Oh for enough money to resit my heavy trade.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it Vet ti will last about 2 days.

Once she starts talking it will be your fault as you either told her to go shopping, or didn't go with her, or she was going to buy food for you and it wouldn't have happened if you got your own food.

About 1 week and it will ve your fault and you're lucky you're not in the dog house.

Then things will be back in balance again.


George said...

Clip the panel beaters receipt onto the dash just forrd of the front seat passengers position.
No need to say anything

Johno said...

Nah, put it under the passenger sun visor as a nice little surprise reminder.