Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Be Careful What You Wish For

I see there's a bit of a hoohaa in the UK because the NHS is treating people according to their registered gender. 

That means if a person is registered as female, invitations and reminders for mammograms and smear tests will be issued.  However, these invitations and reminders will not be issued to those who are registered as male.    Well that's pretty sensible, you might think.  But the LGBT gang is kicking up bobsy dye.    'What about all the gals who think they're guys?'

Well what about them? I say.  Let them count themselves fortunate they'll all receive complementary prostate tests.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes I looked at that Eggie. That is a better take on it.


George said...

You know how some of us are trained in CPR and such things.
Well the womens Lib have decided in their procrastination that CPR on women is different to that on men.
Like, in an emergency situation, breasts are to be avoided.
Doesn't matter that you're attempting to save a life, one claim and you're toast especially if you're male.
And they don't like the term resuss manikin.
That's sexist.
So they want a resuss femikin.
Before the well known ABC kicks in we have D (danger) where you make sure there is nothing injurious to the patient or yourself.
This includes something called triage where you treat those most in need first to the limits of your ability.
Those women have made it obvious that treating them is a danger to the First Aider, Ambulance, Police or Fire so they will have to provide their own sexist assistance at all accident/incidents.

Anonymous said...

You are as mad as a box of frogs, or not of this world.

Gerald said...


Anonymous said...

Gerald....clickbait headlines from tabloids do not a fact make.....

Gerald said...

How could you tell? I haven't seen a fact in anything you posted adolt