Tuesday, January 30, 2018


The kindy kids who would struggle to sell 50 one dollar tickets for a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1955 in a caucus meeting have the answer to rising rents that have emerged as a direct consequence of their artificially created market interference arising from "the first year free" election bribe.
Guess what,  they will legislate to achieve the equivalent of pushing water uphill with a rake.

I guess when there is an almost total dearth of understanding of basic business practise accompanying kindergarten level experience,  that would seem to a moron like Grunter a brainwave when it is really only a  poor example of a "brainfart".

Sheesh the incompetent casual with truth idiot could not even understand that the TV audience could see 'Alf" clearly in shot at the pub while he believed he could "deny" Alf was even present.
That people is what years of attendance at Uni, immersed in political activity while seeking a worthless bit of parchment that Robbo thinks makes him  the cleverest of all.

Poor old deluded Rob Muldoon thought he could solve inflation with a bureaucratic planned and operated Wage Price freeze, something people with a reading age of 5  soon picked up on the futility of that.

Finance guru teletubby, should have gained at least a suspicion before he decided that letting fees, an entirely lawful  market response to cover the cost of the service of finding, vetting, arranging, documenting then managing rent collection, that to be avoided requires someone else to do the donkey work to be banned, say the landlord for example
Landlords will either increase the rent level to cover that cost that will then  in a long term situation result in additional profits (didnt see that did you stupid) or create a new levy, charge or impost to recover what the letting fee once covered, that any smart lawyer will  already have in their computer system.

Blundering blindfolded seems somewhat inadequate.

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