Saturday, January 27, 2018


No Minister enjoys an eclectic readership.     Last week I authored a post 'A Greenie on the Greens'.    It attracted some comment.    I was not aware when I wrote the post that 'Pablo' was the pseudo name of Paul Buchanan.   I was soon put right.

Paul B has joined the fray and posted some interesting comment on the thread developing his original argument as well as postulating the theory that the 'Me Tu' affair was a hit job on Turei orchestrated by her erstwhile co-leader in an attempt to move the Greens to the 'right'.    I offer no comment on that but I commend you going back to the thread for a heads up.  

I will be fascinated to read a response from Psycho Milt.

Have to say I enjoyed the to and fro with PB.   Clearly we inhabit different parts of the political spectrum.   No rancor, no invective, just debate.  Refreshing.  


Psycho Milt said...

I will be fascinated to read a response from Psycho Milt.

I just posted one on the original thread, but for reader convenience will also paste it in here:

As a Green voter and donor (although not a party member), I have a few thoughts on this:

1. Pablo is overly harsh on Golriz Ghahraman. National's dirty politics crew have had a good go at trying to make out that she padded her CV or whatever you might want to call it, but I've yet to see anything that looks like evidence. Good propaganda though, as demonstrated by Pablo's assumption that it's true.

2. Democracy's a bitch. Letting the membership vote on the party list is a terrible idea for cynical Realpolitik outfits like Labour and National that consider winning votes an end in itself, but it's an attractive one for the kind of people who'd join and/or vote for a Green Party. The results may vary pretty wildly, but if you value principle above coming first, democracy is important.

3. People always go on about the supposed golden days of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons, but let's not forget that the MPs of that time consisted to a great extent of deranged hippies (eg Kedgeley) or opportunistic communists (eg Locke). The current Green Party MPs are a huge improvement on that.

4. The drop in the Green vote this election compared to the last couple of election correlates to an increase in the Labour vote, and in this case I'd be willing to bet correlation does equal causation. It's a reflection less on the individual MPs chosen for the party list than on the lack of NZ voter interest in stopping the environmental damage we're doing.

RosscoWlg said...

"I will be fascinated to read a response from Psycho Milt." Well that was a big fail, journalist hubris I think. Read Psycho's 4 points above or watch concrete dry..I'll take the concrete.

I think Psycho has been partaking far too much of the Hookah of Green Ideology, viz his points..

1. "she padded her CV" no Psycho she misrepresented it
2. Our democracy is better than your democracy, Guffaw....Guffaw. (the men of principle have gone)
3. "the current MP's are a huge improvement" Yes they are Psycho, I agree, the last two are very very pretty indeed, I could almost attend a conference for the eye candy alone. (one wonders why they are there...perhaps James could answer that?)
4."the drop in the Green vote" at this point you must have taken a huge spliff or a huge suck on your Hookah. My wife is wondering why I am still lying on the floor rolling around in mirth muttering ToooRay, TooRay, TuRay

3 out 10, boring, uninteresting and no insider information. Must pay attention in class but great creative writing, up their next to the Golly Gee CV. :)

Anonymous said...

mmm......eye candy? That places RosscoWig's demography nicely. From someone who knows next to nothing about the subject of Greens I just don't see a rebuttal in his argument. Just the usual ya boo sucks I have come to expect on this blog.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... pray tell why your dismissal of RossoWig's comment as someone who knows next to nothing on the Greens (your words) might not be labelled as 'ya boo sucks' (your words) also ... just askin.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...Phsyco made four points....they were not addressed in a grown up manner. If being accused of smoking dope (4) is valid rebuttal then that makes Troll DLT a master debater....I think I spelt that right.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

To be fair, RosscoWig's response is pretty much what I've come to expect on right wing blogs. I make some arguments and someone for whom philosophy is whatever his gut is telling him right now responds to tell me how stupid I am and while they're at it engage in some low-level misogyny or racism. This "arsehole" demographic is very large and tends to vote National or ACT. It also tends not to have any actual counter-arguments.

Psycho Milt said...

On reading back through my original comment, I should clarify number 4. The Greens' loss of vote share is attributed to Turei as though that were a given, but the Greens' high vote share in the last couple of elections corresponded to a fall in Labour's vote share, and the sudden reduction in Green support last September corresponds to the sudden increase in Labour's support following Jacinda Ardern taking over. Given that left voters don't share the right's hatred of welfare beneficiaries, I'd want to see some compelling evidence for any claim that Turei rather than Jacinda Ardern was responsible for the decline in Green support.

The Green Party is back on its core vote of 5-8%, hence my comment about their vote share reflecting NZers' lack of interest in reducing our enviromental damage.