Monday, December 25, 2017


One of the total property loss victims of the rogue rural fire that cast its destructive power in Knights Rd West of Rolleston, was a second "lightning strike" victim.

Owner Hamish Ensor was an earlier  casualty of a wild fire in the Upper Rakia who suffered disfiguring burns that left him a latter day "Guinea Pig", the name given to war injured, often fighter pilots who came into the care of Archibold McIndoe, NZ born plastic surgeon who did wonderful pioneering work particularly amongst badly burned aircrew.

Hamish did not let his brush with death hold him back, taking leading roles in farmer politics and advancements in management of the "High Country".

Yes no one died but the trauma would have been serious as Saturday's disaster unfolded with a ferocity and speed almost beyond comprehension to most.

It is rumoured it all began with an Orchardised Tractor raking hay, if true that is so sad as it was potentially a disaster going to happen.

Not much comfort for the Ensor Family whose retirement lies in ashes.

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