Sunday, December 31, 2017


Congratulations to all those who have been 'honoured' in the New Years list.     Special congratulations to an old friend of mine, Margaret Miles, who received a QSM for services to local government and the community.

The list will always attract a degree of controversy from those who would query the credentials of a particular person so honoured but from where I sit I think that 'we' (the royal we) have got it about right with perhaps one notable exception.

When I served in the military the Chief of Defence was almost guaranteed a 'K' while the respective service chiefs and one star (Brigadier) equivalents nearly all sported a CB and/or a CBE.    Any Colonel/Lieutenant Colonel who didn't have an OBE/MBE was thought to be 'lacking' something while a Warrant Officer minus an MBE/BEM was a rare animal indeed.  

Awards came up with the rations.  They were expected not earned.   Thankfully that changed.   Right now awards are made for service above and beyond the call of duty while your salary covers the duty bit.    In the list just published there was a single MNZM and a single DSD for the whole of the NZDF.    Currently the Chief of Defence sports a MNZM which is a fifth level award in the New Zealand Order of Merit.

So I have to say I look at the raft of honours awarded politicians across the political spectrum with a slightly jaundiced eye.    I can see that rationale for Prime Ministers and Speakers (after they have left office) but that's where I would tend to draw the line.    The lifetime  title  'Honourable' bestowed on Cabinet Ministers at the time of appointment is honour enough.     There will always be exceptions to the rule but exceptions they must be.

Something for the Cabinet Honours & Appointments Committee to consider ... but I'm not holding my breath.


Noel said...

I usually glance at the ONZ then straight down to the QSM where the real deserving people are.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... no real argument there.

Anonymous said...

Wait until next years lists.
This year appears to be just over 20% Maori - one of the largest proportions for a long time.
This current one is the last of the National Governments.
The next will be full of transexuals, all types of homos, and peculiar women, and weirdos.
We now have an abundance getting newsworthy as it it taught to be normal to be abnormal.