Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Coalition government members would have wended their way home last week muttering TGIF.    Welcome to reality people.   There will be many more TGIFs to come.   Get used to it.   Lets look back ....

For the Greens ... we can debate the Golly Gosh affair till the cows come home and all we will end in doing is agreeing to disagree.   It was not a hanging offense but, taken in conjunction with the Me Tu shambles and the Greens are exposed at their sanctimonious worst.    I can understand completely the amount of push-back this has generated from 'defenders of the faith'.    Explaining is losing and explaining from inside a hole getting deeper is never easy.

For Winston First ... Peters offhand dismissal of the advice tendered by his own ministry (MFAT) that the agreement between Labour and NZF to charge exporters of water a royalty was in breech of TPPA2 and several other trade agreements and his comment that 'he would talk to another lawyer because he did not trust this view' sez much about Peters.     I guess Peters knows any number of 'Philadelphia lawyers' who will tell him what he wants to hear but the latest comment from David Parker, Trade Minister, that 'he was well aware that a straight export tax was prohibited by all our trade agreements' sez it all.    I'll take Parker over Peters any day and that begs the question as to why 'they' ever signed up to it ... and let's not even mention that on the numbers touted by Labour the total amount generated by such a tax would be more than offset by the cost of administration.

For Labour ... Many commentators have warned that the proposal by Labour to charge for water would let the genie out of the bottle and it has ... never mind the proposal has been 'watered' down (for the time being) to exclude water used for irrigation.   Willie Te Aho, Chair of the Iwi Leaders Forum has made it clear that they will go back to the Courts unless, by Waitangi Day 2018, there is progress on their claim that it is the right of Iwi to own/manage fresh water.  The reality is that 'they' probably have a case given the precedent established in respect of the broadcast (airwaves) spectrum. No government could accept that and Labour would have to legislate against it.   Last time that happened and it spawned the Maori Party.

What goes around comes around and this is going to pit Maori against Pakeha and Labour member against Labour member ... assuming of course Labour's Maori caucus has any spine at all.

And then there is the just released business confidence survey.   From +18% in August to -39%  at the end of November.   These arn't just numbers.   They translate into employers likely to put on hold the hiring of new staff especially against the backdrop of the government determined to do away with the three month trial period.      That's not a recipe for reducing unemployment.

And then going forward it's NZF vs the Greens with Labour playing piggy in the middle ... Shane Jones wants work for the dole for 'real wages' (whatever that means and acknowledging the 'policy' has still to be developed) and ignoring the fact that currently recipients of the dole are required to be actively looking for work while the Greens, in turn, are firmly against any form of coercion for beneficiaries evidenced by their determination to remove the requirement of mothers seeking income support to name the father of their children thus obviating the need for the father to pay child support.  Work for the dole vs no obligation child support.    Train wreck well and truly in train.

TGIF!!!!! for them its surely going to be TGIX ... go figure.    


Psycho Milt said...

And then there is the just released business confidence survey. From +18% in August to -39% at the end of November.

That one always makes me laugh. The employers are sad their party's out of power? No fucking shit, Sherlock! Take a union/worker/beneficiary confidence survey and the numbers would be way up - or, maybe stop running completely pointless surveys.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... you mean the union/worker/beneficiary confidence survey (if there was one) and the numbers would be up on the back of (1) employers putting on hold hiring decisions and (2) having their tax cuts taken away from them?

Try telling that to the couple wholly dependent on NZS for their sole source of income. They were going to receive close to $1,000 extra cash in hand. Under your mob ... zip, zero, nothing. Whoops ... and the Greens voted FOR those tax cuts and then, when the baubles of office were dangled in front of them, they took the baubles and said 'up yours' to that pensioner couple. Principled politics Green style ... thanx Sherlock.

Anonymous said...

They WERE going to get $1000 extra. Somewhere in my bookcase I have a large volume called Promises, next to it is much slimmer volume called Promises kept.

However it always pays to hark to the past when I read post's like this. A bombshell from 2011...national broken promises which will be a hard act for Labour to follow.

1. GST was increased to 15 per cent.

2. The wage gap with Australia has increased by $32 a week.

3. 100,000 New Zealanders have left for Australia.

4. Budget 2011 cut over $400 million from Working for Families by reducing payments through changing abatement rates and thresholds.

5. National is already spending the money from their partial asset sales policy and Treasury has already hired an Australian investment banking firm as an adviser on the asset sales.

6. The underclass has grown with 32,000 more children living in benefit dependent households over the past three years.

7. National passed legislation that halved the KiwiSaver member tax credit in year starting 1 July 2011.

8. Only a fraction of the jobs promised from the national cycleway have materialised.

9. Early Childhood Education subsidies were changed.

10. The 2010 ''tax switch'' has not been fiscally neutral, as promised.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... that 'promise' was legislated for ... Labour is going to have to repeal the legislation which will be interesting because NZF and the Greens both voted for it.

As for your list and you and I both realise they are debating points ... and of course the GFC and Canterbury earthquakes never happened either.

Anonymous said...

Veteran ....Well that's politics for you, the art of survival without pleasing everyone. The basic tenants were written by the Romans and as long as you follow the script you can get away with it today. Self interest, party interest and last of all country interest. That is why a benevolent dictatorship is preferable..... until the son inherits.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... re your last. We'll almost have to agree to agree. Heavens forbid ... still, it's the season of kindness and goodwill to all men, so not to worry (men being gender neutral of course).