Thursday, December 28, 2017

Now That IS Current Affairs.

The welterweight covering Newstalk ZB midnight till 0600 currently, is one Craig someone who has just caught up with years old "news" that there are many long standing permanent discounters of petrol and diesel in NZ
Lately BP and "Z" have joined  with supermarkets and points cards to regain credibility.
Alas so long as they persist with significantly higher standard pump prices to gouge the peasants any such moves are unlikely to succeed in a market economy long term.

As stated in a post some months ago a NI safari resulted in a non scientific survey exposing "Z" and their then  recently acquired Caltex and Challenge,  along with BP to be taking as much  as any market would allow.

The meaningless and wasteful exercise in futility introduced by successive populism seeking government ijits over decades are merely refusing to see the bleeding obvious.
Any area with a Gull outlet has demonstrably lower pump prices, a fact that any pleb will tell anyone who asks.

The random findings from a two month safari eighteen months ago revealed "Waitomo" as a best buy in the NI, followed  by Gull and from the big names Mobil, the most active in pump pricing discounts.
None, other than "Waitomo" came close to the pricing we have enjoyed for years from Nelson  Petroleum Distributors on Halswell Junction Road SW of Christchurch operating an unmanned card facility at discounts always up to 20 cents a liter below big boys pump prices. Use the NPD card and enjoy weeks of no cost credit.

NPD have embarked on an expansion in the Garden city with an outlet under construction on the old railway station site on the corner of Gasson and Moorhouse.
When the minions who luxuriate at "Z" HQ made a compellingly stupid decision to withdraw support for Akaroa and the Peninsula from The Akaroa Autocenter, who stepped up and delivered, NPD complete with Town prices at the pump, supermarket discounts honoured and Gold card benefits. That "Z" is what community loyalty and participation actually is.

McKeowns, Oamaru based I believe, are another retailer also slowly claiming traction on tourist routes and allied rural gem sites by occupying sites the big boys abandon in their search for what their interpretation of the market within the parameters of monopoly and cooperative manipulation so patently dictates.
I understand NPD and Waitomo source fuel  from Mobil while McKeowns fuel is from Caltex and all three discounters have their own fuel cards.

Craig whoever, last night lumped Allied Petroleum in with discounters, that is not accurate.
"Allied"  a provider at 'higher' than ruling prices due to often remote and low throughput sites is a rural fuel supply  arm of  the Southland based H R Richardson Transport and not a discounter. For evidence discover the price at the Allied 24 hr card pump at Duvauchelle and compare to Akaroa Autocenter with NPD fuel.


Noel said...

B Whitehead said...

Interesting to read, I don't go hunting for discount fuel myself thou, my bikes quite fussy about petrol and runs nicely on any 95 from Marsden Point. Anything else causes low speed running issues until the electronics adapt to it.

Anonymous said...

whitehead......nothing you say makes any are a putinbot or at the very least, a bot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I never dreamed a commenter could cram so much ignorance into a sentence so short.

B Whitehead said...

Heh, It has me bemused as well
I should point out bike does 28k to a litre, so paying a bit more is no big deal.

Yours Sincerely, a Russian bot.

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