Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Having long supported our democracy with its inherent vulnerability to manipulation, it is disappointing and scary that the children in government, seem to be going to enable the executive under thumb of a master of paranoid behaviour  with long track record as one of the charlatans of modern NZ Governments, able to reign supreme.

The OAP of St Mary's Bay, having failed spectacularly to maintain caucus unity and discipline when the "Maori" rump of his "Winston First", as described by Tuariki Delamere, kept Jenny Shipley in power when she sent  Winston himself packing. Poor little bugger saw his megalomania  torpedoed when he pulled NZF out of the coalition,  only to watch Delamere, Henare, Waitai, Wyllie and Morgan staying as independents in support of Shipley.
Ending a brief career as Deputy PM and "Treasurer", the latter,  a creation to satisfy his oft denied desire for baubles

So two decades on, he is quite prepared to play fast and loose with the electorate by legislating any  obligation of an MP to represent his voters, into oblivion when such democratic action might threaten the great man's security of tenure.
Now having a leader of a disparate bunch of no names with seven percent of the vote, decide arbitrarily to choose a coalition of second third and fourth to govern when a never divulged portion of his seven percent may well have been effectively disenfranchised by his subsequent clearly indicated intention to never consider National as a coalition partner, was a two fingered gesture. Leaving a clear threat that some of those elevated from obscurity might see a perceived wrong and act in the interests of real democracy, as might exist in a free society
Now because his consuming passion to advantage himself could come to a disaster similar to that of 1998 when he found himself without a lectern or a box to stand on to see over it, he has managed to get the highly principled Greens (cough cough) and the shiftless Labour mob to abrogate any semblance of democratic principle to introduce a serious anti democracy bit of corruption,  legislating his insurance against another rebellion by positing excess power to a leader
Shameless does not even come close, our already fragile democracy is seriously under attack and it seems once again too many see nothing wrong when the socialists act treacherously.

Such blatant behaviour is never OK. Left, right, brown, pink, rainbow, rich, poor, thick or intelligent, it is wrong wrong wrong.
Sadly our last hope for preventing another step to dictatorship will be the Governor General,  if she could make a principled stand on behalf of the plebs as our unwritten constitution provides as a safeguard.
What chance?

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Anonymous said...

Zero chance, the GG is shamelessly biased to the left, and will do nothing!