Sunday, December 17, 2017


My good friend DPF at Kiwiblog is currently seeking nominations for his 'MP of the Year' awards in various categories.  For what it's worth my nominations would be ....

Minor Party MP ... Can't make my mind up between Me Tu whose 'indiscretions' and her parading of them as badges of honor saw the Green Party coming close to being booted out of Parliament  and Dr Kennedy Graham and David Clendon both of whom took a principled stand against their co-leader.

National Party MP ... has to be Matt King who defied the odds to win back Northland from the pinstriped dwarf.   The fawning media gave him little chance against WRP.    He received only limited help from Wellington and for nigh on ten months he worked his butt off traveling the electorate and raking up 30,000k in the process.    His was an old fashioned 'meet the people' campaign.  It paid off.

Labour Party MP ... easy choice.   Andrew Little.   Took the hit for the sake of his Party and didn't sulk and didn't undermine.    Labour owes him much.   Not sure that National does. 

MP of the Year ... again, an easy choice ... I give you Winston Raymond Peters ... the old man of parliament in every sense.    He did what he does best playing the electorate like a fiddle; he marginalised the Greens and is the eminence grise behind the Prime Minister.    The only way he'll exit parliament is when someone drives a wooden stake through his heart ... and even then I wouldn't bet on it.


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