Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Full of the joyous news that doctor's fees will reduce by $10 a visit to be announced in Thursday's mini budget.

Simple maths.   For a pensioner couple visiting the doctor just under twice weekly and they are ahead of the game in terms of their tax cut legislated to take effect from 1 April and to be canned by Labour, Winston First and the Greens..   Everyone else is a loser.

Don't know of too many pensioner couples that visit their GP twice a week so that equates to a hell of a lot of losers per courtesy of 'your' Labour coalition government.


Anonymous said...

Individual losers but perhaps a net gain for the countries failing infrastructure....early days. Wait out.

Lord Egbut

Judge Holden said...

ROFL. You really are a sore loser aren’t you chum. Stop blubbing, son, it’s tewwibly undignified.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you start from the point that medical science today is such that it is possible to keep someone 'alive' ad infinitum and there will never be enough health dollars to go around.

In an abstract sense the move is to be applauded but there is a cost> I would far prefer to see structural changes that would see people on low incomes i.e. in receipt of a Community Services Card get free health care rather than the arbitary system in place today which has Paihia (an affluent community) twinned with Kawakawa/Moerwea (where there is significant depreviation) paying $17 (soon to be $7) compared with Kerikeri (another affluent community just 20k north of Paihia) paying $30 (soon to be $20).

It's called targeting and it's hardly revolutionary.

The Veteran said...

Mr Holden ... left behind in the wake of sensible discussion.

If I were the Minister of Finance I would be concerned that my 'colleagues' were leaking budget secrets. Might it just be they are feeling the pressure? Doesn't auger well for the future when the going really gets tough.

Anonymous said...

Veteran....you can now drag your Thai trinket out of the bottom drawer. All you have to do is write to the GG with a CC to the PM for permission...The precedent has now been set with Mark getting permission to wear his Omani trinkets. The medal scramble has begun.....what a travesty.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... I agree. I will comment about this in a separate post. As for my 'Thai trinket' ... wouldn't lower myself.

Pete said...

I would prefer to have the money back in my pocket. I am a pensioner, married to a pensioner, and currently neither of us go to see a doctor any near the frequency necessary to regain the additional tax taken.

I do not trust them to spend it wisely. The announcement on poverty measures include nothing about what will happen to deadbeats who disregard their offspring or do not at least recognise them with support. The article in our local news media was written around an image of a healthy looking mum with six children reported as surviving on a benefit and food parcels. No mention of where Dad, or Dads, were in making provision for any of the six kids. No mention of any semblance of personal responsibility being required.

No, not good enough. We struggled to raise our four with multiple jobs and long hours. Six would have been impossible. Paying tax to fund someones abandoned spawn is not on my list of things I wish to do.

After paying taxes for more than fifty years, I resent the incoming government removing a planned personal taxation reduction that had been set in place.

Jacinda's Aunty said...

Sorry Pete, but "the planned personal taxation reduction that had been set in place." was down to National, they're not the government so all bets are off. Ask them why they didn't institute the cut while they had the chance.

"healthy looking mum with six children reported as surviving on a benefit and food parcels. No mention of where Dad, or Dads, were in making provision for any of the six kids. "

You know NOTHING at all about her personal issues, yet you want to slag off at her. Did you think that maybe she's a widow? It happens.

Why do you need a pension? You had your whole life to save for retirement. Where's your "personal responsibility"?

Anonymous said...

"You know NOTHING at all about her personal issues ..."

And that is the issue. You cannot make valued judgements without knowledge and that is the govt welfare downfall - it makes no valued judgements. My limited experience of hard up people is that the ones with self respect do not go about shouting how hard done by they are or abuse those assisting.


Anonymous said...

And that is just what Jesus would do.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's just what Jesus would do. Fucking Christians, always identifiable by hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

As follower of the Muslim faith I have to agree with Mr JC. I have found in my travels that the richer a Christian country is the more hypocritical they are. The poor Christians of Asia like most poor people everywhere are more loyal to their faith.


Shelldrake said...

I don't want to know any of the detail of individual cases but I sure as hell want the agencies who hand the moolah out to know the facts and truth of personal circumstances so that the correct benefits can be paid and also so that those who have responsibility for contributing (like fathers) meet theirs.

I meet mine but am getting a bit tired of those who just want to ride along on my back.

I repeat I am not interested in who they are.

I just want them to meet their obligations.

Noel said...

I'm guessing the number of defaulting fathers is less than the DPB days.
That raises other issues an I agree it's time to sort things out.