Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How About That. Eh?

Last week Adolf attended what is called the 'graduation parade' for his grandson's Air Force Cadets unit.  The affair was very well done with the standard of parade ground skill well above expectations.

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Apart from said grandson receiving an award for marksmanship (takes after his gf who was a uni rifle team member) there was one award which caught my attention.  A fifteen year old unit member was presented with his private pilot's licence for which he had studied assiduously. 

Now get this!  He's too young to be allowed to drive a car in this crazy country.

Isn't that a bit like forbidding a brain surgeon from applying band aids to skin lacerations?


Johno said...

And consider this: a PPL takes 50 hrs, an Aussie P1 provisional driver's licence takes 120! (VIC)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


And the buggers still speed, or dawdle, or change lanes suddenly with no warning and, with surprising monotony crash through the freeway safety barriers.

I'm amazed at the deplorable quality of traffic etiquette on display in Perth. I was not like this when I was last here forty years ago.

Anonymous said...

The average age of an RAF heavy bomber pilot in WW2 was 20/21. Almost all had never owned or driven a car and did not know how to drive.....

Lord Egbut

George said...

Congratulations to those young lads and lasses.
And imagine where the newly minted PPL will be in 10 years.
On an airstrip as an Ag Pilot, a C Cat Instructor in an Aero Club, an Airline pilot or a Brylcream boy waiting for the Government to give them some real kit to become a real capable air wing

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so Legbut. One of them was West Australian CEO of Shell Group when I worked for the company in the seventies. A country boy from Mt Barker, wartime Bomber Command squadron leader at a tender age and then senior executive.

He did know how to drive.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear.......it seems Adolf's lawn mower has come back to haunt him along with grandad from Gallipoli.

You have to be 16 to fly solo...... http://www.aafc.org.au/what-we-do/powered-flying/

Perhaps you might tell us where this graduation took place?????

Still building your Aussi legend?

lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Fake news, Legbut. Fake news.

I believe you created that web site just to make Adolf look foolish.

Adolf the Fink.